ADO, making history together

Madrid, 6 june 2024.-The Spanish Olympic Committee and the high council of sports is convened nexttuesday, 11 junethe act of the Olympic Sports Association “ADO, making history together” i would like to thank the cooperating companies its continued support and to talk about the future of this plan that has been pushing the olympic athletes since 1988.

During the event, which will take placethe 11:30 the headquarters of the olympic entity in Madrid, will be developed three round tables, with the participation of representatives of sponsoring undertakings of the olympic team in Paris: National lotteries and bets, ColaCao and Renfe, together athletes who profit from these are: supportFelipe Perrone, Paula Arches, Tamara Echegoyen, Adrián Vincent, Juana Camilión and Rafa Lozano Jr,among other olympic athletes.

The event willpresident of the Spanish Olympic Committee, Alejandro whitepresident of the supreme council for sports, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, andstudio counsellorJuan josé Bathrooms.

Please confirmationcomunicaciones@ado.esall those media interested in to cover the event of a presencial way.

DATE:tuesday, 11 june 2024

TIME:11:30 p.m.

PLACE:Headquarters of the Spanish Olympic Committee (Street of Arequipa, Madrid 28043. 13)