High performance centre of Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

Avda. Mayor Barnils 3/5 - 08174 - Sant Cugat del vallès
+ 34 93 5891572
https :// www.car.edu/


The high performance centre (CAR) is a public legal entity of the regulated in chapter III of the law 4/85 of 29 march, which was established by law 13/88 of 31 december (OFFICIAL GAZETTE 1988), with legal personality, acting under business and autonomous in its organization.

Its link with the Executive Council of the Generalitat de Catalunya is through the Department of the presidency, which is attached by the Secretaria General de l ’ Esport.

The CAR is functionally a supporting structure of the highest quality científico-técnica for sport in general and especially for the high-level sport; required for our sport to be competitive and that there should be accepted by federations and clubs in isolation. This Centre, in 1987 as an instrument for the improvement of sportsmen, making available the necessary material means, technical, educational, scientific and human resources, while its comprehensive training and getting to society knowledge generated by these activities.


The CAR is a body of support for sport to be competitive at international level, optimizing resources of the highest quality technical and scientific. For this purpose, have the means to pay for the comprehensive development of the athletes and makes the society of knowledge generated by their activities.

The high performance centre considers the academic and humane each person as or even more important than the strictly sporting. For this priority, the centre offers its athletes the tools necessary for educational development. The athletes of CAR can attend classes of Baccalaureate and That in the institute located in the same facilities of CAR, with a highly qualified teachers.

The CAR has a residence for concentrations. There are many choices and teams from different sport modalities (football, volleyball, handball, hockey, tennis, swimming, gymnastics, taekwondo, etc.), catalan, spanish or outside the state, who carry out their concentrations in the CAR.

The high performance centre is a public legal entity of the regulated in chapter III of the law 4/85 of 29 march, which was established by law 13/88 of 31 december (OFFICIAL GAZETTE 1088), with legal personality, acting under business and autonomous in its organization. The CAR is attached to the Secretaria General de l'esport, which has a funding agreement with the council For sports.


The high performance centre is organized into two main categories: administration, which deals with purely management of the centre, and Technical Department, which is responsible for the actual Level sports performance.

The Technical Branch contains three areas: the Área of Science, medicine and technology; the training Área and Área of athletic performance. Éstas, in turn, are divided into departments. Moreover, the departments of Communication, Secretariat, external relations and Customer service, are directly dependent on the prison director.


Avda. Mayor Barnils 3-5,

08174 - Sant Cugat del Vallès - Barcelona - ESPAÑA

How to arrive by car:

The high performance centre is located in the municipality of Sant Cugat del Vallès, along the highway. CAR AP-7 communicates with Barcelona through three highways are AP-7 from Barcelona by the Diagonal, AP-2 through la Meridiana and Vallvidrera tunnels (exit 12/13A). On the motorway AP-7 is linked directly to the airport.

As to arrive to:

To the high performance centre can be reached with railway trains of the Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) and Renfe.

To arrive withFGCtake a train line Barcelona-Sabadell (S2) or Autònoma Barcelona-Universitat (S55 AT), emerging from the plaça de Catalunya in Barcelona, and get off in Sant Joan.

To arrive withRenfetake the train line 7, and get off in Sant Cugat del vallès.

Sports reporting


Sports and modalities that have the standing group at the CAR are:

  • Athletics -Combined, Launches, literally, The fund and the fund, Jump in height, long jump and triple jump, boom break, Fences and speed.
  • Athletics- physical and visual
  • Madeira
  • Basketball
  • Amateur boxing
  • Career guidance
  • FencingSword.sand and florete
  • Alpine skiing
  • Gymnastics- Aerobic, artistic mutilation, artistic male, rhythmic and Springboard
  • Golf
  • Powerlifting
  • Fight -Free and greco-roman olympic
  • Jet
  • Swimming -careers, water polo, synchronised, jumps and long distance.
  • Swimming- physical and visual
  • Skating –Hockey, artistic and speed
  • Modern pentathlon
  • Mountain sportsSkeleton
  • Taekwondo-Combat
  • Tennis
  • Table tennis
  • Table tennis -Physical disabilities
  • Triathlon
  • Brain paralyzed -Bocia
  • Olympic tyre
  • Sailing
  • Beach Volleyball

In green sport, with group training in the CAR in Sant Cugat, and in red sports that have no training group in the centre.


In this section you will find links to other internet addresses relating to institutions, Companies and other sporting interest or the field of science applied to the sport.



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