Grants to football fields

The Royal Decree 258 / 1998 of 20 February, partially amending the royal decree 419 / 1991 of 27 March, which regulates the distribution of the collection and prizes in sports betting and other games managed by the national agency of lotteries and Sport Bets of the state, and complementary standards, assigns the 1 percent of the collection to CSD for the non-professional football.

The fifth article of the aforementioned Royal Decree specifies that this amount of 1 per 100 must be designed by the CSD fostering professional football does not agree with the objective criteria to determine this body

The CSD believes that the programmes RFEF linked to non-professional football are suitable for credits whose funding originates as provided in Article 5 of R.D. 258 / 1998, 20 February above.

CSD budgets for the year are two subsidies for RFEF, the first to programmes of activities of non-professional football, and the second for works and equipments non-professional football.

In accordance with article 22.2 of law 38 / 2003, of 17 November, General subsidies, developed by article 65 of the royal decree 887 / 2006, which approves the regulations of General law grants, the articulation of these subsidies is done via the Convention's legal instrument, as a means for fixing the criteria and the establishment of sports programmes that are the object of funding

Programs that may be subject to funding from funds from sports betting the rule are:

Sporting Performances 2.1

These actions are carried out for RFEF itself, according to the planning adopted by the joint committee that is defined in the convention and according to a schedule that in the same establish and adoption.

These actions will be specifically designed for non-professional football, and thus, during the financial year 2009, these actions will aim at the realization of days of recycling, training, updating and upgrading of athletes with projection of future, as well as similar actions aimed at the collectives of coaches, doctors and arbitrators and, in general, other activities aimed at the promotion of non-professional football, and will be specifically identified in the joint committee.

Nevertheless, given the interest in the empowerment of soccer, considered their promotion as a strategic action within the previously mentioned different actions that within the joint committee will decide to undertake, provides a minimum of 107 €for the realization of activities promoting Soccer.

2.2. Sports facilities affected non-professional football.

Aim at building, improvement, conservation, enlargement, reshaping of installations in public ownership or state, which perform actions of promotion of non-professional football and especially official competitions of non-professional football that have been organized directly by the RFEF or by other institutions with the approval of this, and are specifically identified in the joint committee, depending on the four-year programme of action of the RFEF and applications by stakeholders, according to criteria of sporting interest, structuring territorial and nature of the projects submitted.