Proposals for punishment of the standing committee of the state commission against violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport

Madrid, 3 December 2020.-The Standing Committee delegate of the state commission against violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport, gathered today in the seat of CSD, has agreed to various proposals of punishment, including:

A proposal for punishment 350,000 euros, by its very serious rating, for the Health Club of Madrid SAD by repeated breaches in the control measures of access and retention of spectators, occurrence of occupation evacuation routes and detected excess capacity, specifically, in the stadium area located at the bottom south, location in the grandstand of animation. These breaches has been observed since the inauguration of the Metropolitan Wanda stadium and coinciding with those encounters of greatest influx of fans.

A proposal for punishment of 60,001 euros for your rating of very serious, to the Right of the Sports Club Coruña SAD for breach of control measures of access and retention of spectators to allow access to the grandstand of the stadium, in the pre-sporting event of the Club Coruña-racing Ferrol, held on 29 November 2020, a group of about eighty fans who made several banners and lit some thirty flares in an act tribute to mark the anniversary of the death of a member of the group “ Riazor Blues ”, all this without notifying the coordinator of Security.

Four motions of sanction 1,500 euros, and prohibition of access to sports fields for a period of three months, for four individuals who, during the match San Fernando CD Isleño- Cádiz CF B, held on 25 October 2020, were stopped in a vehicle on their way to a clash who had agreed rival hobbies after the event. At the time of their identification, they intervened diverse strong material inside the vehicle (a baseball bat, iron bar 70 cm) that, according to their own demonstrations, wore to defend themselves against the hobby rival.