Submission of the grand finale of the world Series of Rugby 7

Madrid, 21 may 2024.-The high council of sports welcomes this thursday, 23 may, at 12:00 hours, the presentation of the HSBC SVNS of Madrid.

The act will be chaired by the secretary of state for sport and president of the CSD, josé Manuel Rodríguez Uribes. This will extend to the minister delegate Area sport from Madrid city council, Sonia Cea Quintana; the president of the Real federación española de rugby, Juan Carlos Martín ‘ Hansen ’, and the director of the event, Paula Hernández, among others.

The grand finale of the world Series will be held on 31 may, 1 and 2 june, at the stadium Civitas metropolitan Madrid, and will compete the 32 top selections of the world, just before the olympic games.

DAY:Thursday, 23 may 2024

HOUR: 12:00 h

PLACE:Headquarters of the CSD (Room Samaranch) (C/Martín Fierro, 5 - Madrid

* * * * Please apply for accreditation via email indicating name, surnames, ID CARD and a half.