Victor Francs end the day of findings of “ future ”

In an act in the congress of deputies, the president of the CSD presented the findings of this process of reflection on sports public policies

Madrid, 28 november 2023. The president of the council For sports (CSD), victor Francs, has declared this tuesday, in the congress of deputies the findings of “ future ”, a project initiated by the CSD and developed by the Foundation Young Sport on public policies.

“ the sport has before it four years ”, exciting Víctor Francos very rightly highlighted in the act which participatory phase of this project.

Frank judged that sport is “ the crossroads of spanish society ” and has drawn a horizon based on the demographic challenge, health and sustainability, among others.

Sport english also discussed at the next four years of “ gain weight to the international level ” through the organization of major sporting events, and will work to be further enhanced its industry. Another objective is “ to develop the sports act ”, “ democratize sport above ” and “ strengthening them for the foundation, which is most ”. "The challenge will be ambitious and we must have a solid foundation", Víctor Francos has pointed out.

On the day of findings

The day has commenced with the intervention of félix jordán de urríes, director general of the Foundation Young Sport. he explained: “ the project was born with the aim of improving the morning and with the conviction of establishing an in-depth analysis of what we want in the field of public policies on sport ”.

“ the new regulatory framework of sport ”, “ active citizenship and sustainable territory ” and “ sport as an economic phenomenon. Dimensión and impetus to the sports industry ” are the three arenas that aspect had “ Future ” and on which this tuesday, their respective leaders - Miguel ángel Vaquero, Alfonso jiménez And Alfonso arroyo - they presented the salient findings, following the debates generated in the face and the views expressed in the beijing platform for participation.

The objective of “ future ” is the development of a future that meet the more appropriate public policies and effective measures to give continuity to the firm commitment of the government of spain for sport over the last parliamentary term.

Not in vain, i would like to underscore the historic reversals of €1.1 billion in four years and the consideration of sport as a tractor the recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience, in addition to the approval of a new law which it renewed the existing framework since 1990. With this expectation reached as a framework, in the event raised the lines of action highlights of this programme.

The project on “ future ”

“ it is for the future ” is a project of the supreme council for sports, developed by the Foundation Young Sport, which aims to define a “ Future ” programme for sport english. The starting point is the Government of the sport in the previous parliamentary term, which was reflected in the greatest investment of history (€1.1 billion in four years; 300 researchers from the recovery Plan, Transformation and Resilience) and the adoption of the new law on sports, which entered into force on 1 january and reformed the normative framework was in force since 1990.

“ it is for the future ” is built on working groups led by experts of the sector, which have been proposed in the three dimensions of the project: “ The new regulatory framework of sport ”, “ Active citizenship and sustainable territory ” and “ sport as an economic phenomenon ”. The project includes working meetings, events and discussion, in digital parallel, it is open to participation.