Child sexual abuse is outside game

Held with the assistance of major sporting authorities Ibero-American “ protection Seminar of children and adolescents in sport ” organized by the CSD and Spanish cooperation in the former, Guatemala, from 7 to 10 October 2019.

It is holding a Forum of sport and human rights in Gin at this time with the presence of the president and the idea is that could be already.“proteccion-del-menor-en-el-deporte

I-protect project

Project driven by the High Council of sports, cofinanced by the program Erasmus Plus of the European Union and with the participation of the governments of France, Luxemburgo, United Kingdom, Italy and Belgium, for the development of a digital platform from entities and sport basis, sportsmen, families, coaches and managers deportivos whose objective is to provide tools applicable to protecting the integrity of minors in sport.

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Business guides prevention of child sexual abuse in sport for trainers, coaches and physical education teachers promoted by the CSD and the foundation Sport Young in collaboration with Unicef

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Posters and bookmarks of campaigns for the protection of children:

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Campaign of the board of Europa against child abuse in sport.

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  • Founding ANAR

TheFounding ANAR(Helps children and adolescents at risk) is a non-profit organization. Its origins go back to 1970 and, since then, is dedicated within the framework of the convention of children's rights of United Nations, to the promotion and defence of the rights of children and adolescents at risk and helplessness, through the development of projects both in Spain as in Latin America.