The CSD granted the interim measure requested by LaLiga two parties to defer first division

Resolution for urgent procedure for meetings of this weekend

Resolution gets a triple objective: to safeguard the health of footballers, respecting the interests of the possible DVOBOJU allegations and allow the plot with clubs advance planning of the parties

Madrid, 07 september 2021.- the high council of sports (CSD) has issued a resolution today by granting the interim measure requested by LaLiga the postponement of meetings for the next day ’ s First Division Sevilla – FC Barcelona and Manchester City – This

The CSD has resolved to give this measure with respect for the interests of all sectors involved and on the basis of criteria related to the integrity and health protection of own athletes.

“ bearing in mind that these parties had to be held as early as next saturday, and in response to this immediacy and also use the powers conferred by the supreme council of sport, we have decided to take such interim measures, ” said the president of the CSD, josé Manuel Franco.

Franco has stressed that “ these are measures that respect, precautions, firstly, the health of the players, which is critical. Secondly, we have respected the time needed by affected clubs to plan throughout the organization of the parties and, thirdly, we have taken into account the allegations against this resolution the DVOBOJU. In short, we have been respectful of all parties concerned ”.

Attached is complete resolution of the CSD: