The CSD will support a safe return of competitions of professional cycling in Spain

The Real Spanish Cycling Federation Unipublic and will be incorporated into the work of the Task Force for the momentum of sport (GTID)

Madrid, 24 June 2020.The High Council of sports (CSD) will support the return of cycling competitions in Spain whenever they can develop in optimal conditions of health security and have obtained the imprimatur of the autonomous communities and/or municipalities, that at this stage of new normal authorities are that must approve holding them.

He has moved the General Director for sports, joaquín of Arístegui, Moral Frameworks, director of the Villages around; Javier Guillén, general manager of Unipublic and LaVuelta; and José Luis Cerrón, president of the Spanish Federation Real cycling; during a meeting held this morning in units of the board in Madrid.

During the meeting, both sides have analysed the agenda of rounds and cycling tours planned Spanish and international in the calendar and have established a strengthened partnership to analyze the needs and demands that guarantee the celebration of these tests professionals with a character completely safe from the point of view of health.

In the event of the return to Romantic is finally the first international cycling competition held in Europa, “ demonstrate the great ability of sport English, and in this case of cycling, their companies and entities, to organize a test safe in the context of exit from the health crisis and return to the new normal ”, explained of Arístegui. Finally, in the meeting has taken the decision that the Spanish Federation of Cycling and Unipublic join the work carried out by the Task force to the momentum of sport (GTID), which lays other Sports federations, clubs, private entities and athletes to successfully address the return of competitions in different disciplines, having achieved a return to the trainings in safe conditions for some weeks.