Proposal by Decree of security in Sports Facilities

It is clear that, given the current system of competence, are the main protagonists CCAA in legislative dictates, but it is also true that the CSD cannot set aside a matter of such importance. Therefore, continuing with the principles and fruits of the project MAID, the CSD introduced, within the Territorial Conference of sport, the first decree type regulating basic safety requirements of sportsequipment tracks and sport fields.

This decree establishes basic requirements for the acquisition or commissioning d'equipaments esportius associated with sports facilities for public use, without prejudice to the minimum conditions of approval and standardization d'equipaments esportius rendered in Areas state or Europeans.

This decree does not develop proposals or technical solutions, still plenty of proposals developed by manufacturers or suppliers of sports equipment valid, so that focuses on the definition of safety requirements exigibles, remain the responsibility of the manufacturer, installer, responsible for the acquisition or maintenance of equipment verify that met.

The object of the decree Type is to establish minimum standards of security on the sports center and complementary to the indoor courts indoors and fields, to minimize or eliminate risks that produce accidents, either by a bad installation of equipment or by a misuse or maintaining the same

Are ends of this decree type:

  • Ensure minimum conditions of security in the sports equipment establishing criteria for the reception of the same.
  • Ensure minimum conditions of security from the perspective of sports through the establishment of recommendations for the use and maintenance of sports equipment.
  • Make minimum conditions of security to the supplementary equipment both in use as stored.

In short, it is to provide the CCAA a model of legal framework for them to, if you wish, to incorporate it into its legal system.