Accreditation CAR MADRID safety and accessibility

Under the project MAID (Improvement and harmonization of sports infrastructure), one of the objectives proposed by the High Council of sports was to obtain quality certification of sports facilities.

This required, in the absence of regulated criteria and standards of quality, adopted by AENOR (most respectable entity accreditation and which includes the CSD, chairing the CTN 147) technical standards compliance with which a reference to demonstrate that quality. These standards, with their corresponding Regulations were adopted by AENOR (with the collaboration of CSD and IBV under the project MAID) to demonstrate, safety and accessibility, tracks and indoor pool vessels. So far, it is the first existing rules for credit quality in sports facilities, so the CSD found that should be its own facilities the first to be reviewed for this accreditation.

The process was basically an audit to check compliance with technical requirements established by the accreditation entity in the previously mentioned technical standards of compliance. The first phase of the audit was done during the month of July 2009, where they reviewed the documentation concerning various Services of High Council of sports (RR.HH., Internal Regime, medical services, maintenance, etc.). In the first week of November 2009 took place the realization of the second phase of the audit.

Day 1 March 2010 the High Council of sports received from the Spanish Association of standardization and certification (AENOR), the Certificate of conformity specific for Sports Facilities In this way, the CSD becomes the first organization to get this certification for the management of Sports Centres.

The new certification that accredits AENOR flag installations Multiple I (glass of pool) Multiple flag and (II (indoor sports facility) from the centre of High Performance sports CSD in Madrid are safe and accessible, complying with the system requirements of security management and accessibility and with the specific rules for these facilities, collected in the regulation particular management of Sports Centres. The implantation of a management system in the processes of an organization and its subsequent certification is a clear commitment to continuous improvement.

The advantages and benefits of this certification are numerous for these facilities; for example, in the area of security, have been established mechanisms of control safer in user access to flags; moreover, in the pool has been eliminated the risk of confinement of the finger into slots of lattices around the glass of pool. Meanwhile, in the area of accessibility, have adapted ramps sports centre to persons with disabilities as well as the bathrooms; moreover, it has established a specific parking at the entrance of the installation.

We are currently in the process of the annual renewal of security certification and accessibility of our sports facilities.