Franco receives the spanish selection of Basketball for the deaf before participating in the championship of Europe

For Italy

The president of the CSD has transferred its luster to players hours in advance of travel to Pescara (Italy) and has been convinced that after its successes in the European and world sub-20 sub-21 “ will also at all ”

For its part, the members of the selection has conducted a brief sample of your game and the president of the spanish federation of Sport for the deaf, Antonio Jesus de la Rosa, delivered to Franco a t-shirt signed by all the team

Madrid, 11 october 2021.- The president of the council for sports, josé Manuel Franco, has received this morning at the seat of the CSD to selection men's basketball team for the deaf, hours in advance of travel to Italy to participate in european championship (European Deaf Basketball Championships), which will take place between 15 and 23 october in the city of Pescara.

“ Knowing your career, i know that most aspiráis. Many of you have been champions of europe in category sub-20 in 2017 and bronze medal winners in 2018 sub-21. I am convinced that brillaréis also at all ”, has expressed Franco after a brief presentation of the players. The president of the CSD i wanted to “ fate and correctly and, above all, you can enjoy, because whatever happens, you are our pride ”.

Next to the players – officially selected after the concentration in Sant Cugat of september - and the technical staff, has been the president of the spanish federation of Sport for the deaf (FEDS), Antonio Jesus de la Rosa. In addition to highlight the high level of the selection and their high expectations in Pescara, delivered to Franco a selection signed by team members. For its part, the captain, beñat Larrañaga, and the trainer, Juan Vicente Vélez, have highlighted the youth of the players and the promising future of the selection in the coming international commitments.

The national team, that party as a favorite, has been placed under the working group with liguilla qualifying poland, Israel, ukraine and russia. The first 15 day against the polish Selection. To the quarterfinals accede the four best teams from each of the two groups (A and B). The top five in europe will have a place in the Sordolímpicos Games to be held in may 2002 in Caixias Do Sul (Brazil).