The government allocates $17.9 million to the NATIONAL for promoting equality and inclusion in sport

The Sectoral Commission of sport has today adopted the allocation of $17.9 million euros for the promotion of equality and inclusion

  • The agreement has been adopted by the sectoral commission of sport and must be ratified in Sectoral Conference, which was chaired by the minister Miquel Iceta

  • The CSD has position already to provision of the africa almost 102 million of euro of Plan of Recovery, to policies of digitization, transition green e equality

The Sectoral Commission of sport has today adopted the distribution of 17.9 billion from the autonomous communities and cities, for the promotion of equality of women and the inclusion and equality of persons with disabilities in sports, a budget line from the Social Plan of sport that will benefit from 77 million euros over several years from the european funds for recovery, transformation and Resilience.

This new line of aid it must be undersigned shortly by the sectoral conference of sport, which was chaired by the minister Miquel Iceta. It is specially useful for the reduction of inequality in sport, for a clear direct action for gender equality and of persons with disabilities in this area.

Also, it is intended to give greater opportunities and promote social cohesion and improvements for employment are intended to provide long-term basis linked to sport, attracting talent, protection and integration of young people and communities at risk of exclusion in sport.

For the president of the CSD, josé Manuel Franco, “ the new model of sport must be more sustainable, more and more egalitarian necessarily. Equality is an unequivocal signal good democratic health and a sign of a progressive and advanced society. Also the inclusion of this Government bet for these two issues is beyond doubt, and we will continue to advocate for it being noticed in all our policies ”.

Thanks to this budget line of 17.9 million, be projecting various steps to increase the presence and visibility of women in the field of sport, as well as the promotion of inclusion and equality of persons with disabilities in sports.

The distribution between communities and Autonomous Cities will be proportional on the basis of criteria which take into account the total population, the number of persons with disabilities, the non-university educational institutions, autonomous federations or density of population.

Sport, engine through the Plan of development

These 17.9 million, aimed at promoting equality and inclusion, fall within the Social Plan of sport which is of a total budget of eur 77 million from promotion Plan, a Sport Sector project, funded with european funds and structured in two other areas: digitization Plan (75 million) and Ecological Transition Plan (146 million).

Today, and according to these three tracks, have already been territorializado eur 102 million of the recovery Plan: eur 75 million for the modernization and ecological transition of sporting facilities, 9 million for the modernization project digital sports ecosystem for the establishment of a common strategy of limitation of activity and physical exercise and 17.9 million of these Social Plan.

Spain is the only country in the European Union that has included sport within the sectors that receive european funds for the economic and social recovery.