Irene Lozano thanked the workers of the CSD its work and effort during this year of pandemic and reminds families

  • It has been discovered a plaque in the facilities of the Madrid with the following text: “ The public officials and staff of the high council of Sports, for his commitment in the first year of pandemic and in memory of their families ”

Madrid, 24 march 2021.The president of the supreme council for sports (CSD), Irene Lozano, has discovered today in the high performance centre of Madrid (CAR) a plate of tribute and thanks to the workers of the agency for its work and effort during this difficult year marked by the pandemic caused by the COVID-19.

The secretary of State, very excited, thanked to all employees who provide services in the CSD: “ you have done a considerable amount of work ”. Lozano has dedicated a few words of appreciation to each of them: security guards, cleaning team, staff, work, as well as external teams working in the centre. “ this is the act that would have liked ever do, but it is an act of justice to your work. I am to everybody, because there are people who doubt how it works in the administration, but i always advocate, to all staff working to defend the public ”, has assured.

Irene Lozano has stressed that “ thanks to your work and professionalism have borne off sport forward. We are going to hold together that we are all here, we are very proud to belong to this house, which i have a great affection and i am very proud to belong, to belong to your team.

During the simple but neurodegenerative diseases, they have also intervened Félix Manuel Bayón, on behalf of the security team of the CSD; Patricia del Fresno, on behalf of all employees; karateka Sandra sánchez, on the part of athletes. We all agree to highlight how difficult the situation that have faced over the last year, but during the felt support among colleagues. The world champions of Karate Champion has highlighted the spirit and willingness at all times have encountered the athletes in each and every one of the workers of CAR and the work is unknown, invisible of all components of the CSD: “ are responsible for weaving that spider web, which makes it easy for us to train every day ”.

After these words has observed a minute of silence for those colleagues and family who have died as a result of the pandemic.