The league of soccer professional will next season

Madrid, 25 September 2020.The president of the High Council of sports (CSD), Irene Lozano, announced today, during the act of delivery of prizes Lilí Alvarez of journalism, the government's commitment to provide professional status in the Spanish league TrainerInnen. The First Division, therefore, professional from the season 2021/2022.

"I wish we had one of the best leagues europe feminine and the way to do this is professional", has assured Lozano. “ I think our women footballers deserve it, society demands it, and the government has a strong commitment ", has added. The state secretary of equality and against gender violence, Noelia Vera, made explicit equally that commitment.

The secretary of state for sport has made public this commitment during the act of delivery of the IV edition of the awards Lilí Álvarez, summoned by the institute for women and for equal opportunities (IMIO) in collaboration with the CSD, and whose purpose is to highlight the best articles that have contributed to the spread and defence of equality between women and men in the

Sports area and to highlight the sport in spain.

The commitment of the executive, through the CSD, by providing professional status to the Spanish racing TrainerInnen falls within the bet by pushing the sport in Spain, improving conditions of our athletes and strengthening their sport structures.

In this sense, it is worth remembering that the council undertook, throughout the negotiating process that led to the signing of the protocol for the return of sport Not Scope professional state, to support that football competitions and basketball can develop during this season with the maximum safety conditions. It also participated from the first moment in the negotiation of the Convention for women ’ s soccer, which was finally signed last February, to understand that their heading supposed, de facto, the first step towards the necessary professionalization.