Pillar Joy visit the centre of excellence on High Performance rowing and canoeing ‘ La Cartuja ’ of seville

The minister of education, vocational training and sport has greeted the athletes, technicians and workers of the centre, as well as to the management of rowing federations and kyaking.

Seville, 05 june 2024. The minister of Education, vocational training and sport, Pilar Joy, has visited this wednesday, the Specialized centre for High Performance of Rowing and canoeing ‘ La Cartuja ’, in seville, where it has welcomed athletes, technicians and workers of the centre, as well as to the management of rowing federations and canoeing.

During his visit, the minister has been able to continue to aboard a catamaran along the river, a training session of the athletes of the centre, a leading position in Europe installation dedicated to sport.

Joy has in the performance of the workers of the centre, as well as by the athletes, and highlighted that, in rowing and canoeing, spain has already five boats classified for the olympic games and paralympic games.

He also pointed out that, over the last two olympic games, the russian canoeing is the one that has contributed to the spanish medallero. “ I am sure that Paris 2024 will again be a window to show exceptional talent, work and the successes of our athletes, ” said.

Joy has sent its “ support ” and “ love ” to the spanish athletes who still have to compete to be classified and highlighted the “ effort ” that there is “ behind each of them and them ” to obtain the greatest possible success.

The president of the federación española de Remo, asunción Lorente, has welcomed the visit of the minister and government support "with everything you are providing our top athletes to come to paris in the best conditions". For its part, the president of the spanish federation of Canoeing, Javier Hernanz, he highlighted "investment being undertaken by the Council for sports", which is allowing "a large number of athletes" will participate in the games.

Spain is already classified to 295 sportsmen and women for the olympic games and 94 for the Paralympic Games, and looked forward to overcome the best brands achieved in these competitions.