Rodríguez Uribes considered “ stratospheric ” the results achieved in the world cup of water sports

The spanish delegation has returned from Doha with ten medals

The president of the CSD has received a representation of the delegation had a historic action in the Last world championship of water sports, to achieve 10 medals in the five olympic specialities

In the event involving the world champion Hugo González de Oliveira and bronze medal winners Adrián Abbey and Nicolas García Boissier

Madrid, 21 february 2024.-The president of the supreme council for sports (CSD), José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, has received this wednesday in the agency's headquarters to some of the medal winners in the world championship of water sports, held from 2 to 18 february in Doha (Sample).

The spanish delegation made 10 medals - five gold, silver and four bronces-, third improved harvest in a world just behind the twelve of Barcelona 2013 and eleven of Rome. In 2009 Doha has been achieved a breakthrough: first step on the podium in five different, all of them, such as olympic swimming online, swimming, artistic, jumps and open water polo.

In addition, España has achieved in this world a total of 19 new olympic places in eight evidence: free routine in duet and artistic swimming equipment, open waters, jumps synchronized in trampoline of 3 meters, 100m back, 100m butterfly, renewal and free 800m.

Rodríguez Uribes been called “ stratospheric these successes, path of the olympic games, achieved by the spanish team in Doha and has conveyed the appreciation “ on behalf of the government of Spain, from the minister of education, vocational training and sports and all citizens of our country ”.

In addition to the “ effort, accompanied by talent and training of male and female athletes, Rodríguez Uribes has pointed to the will of the CSD “ caring for our athletes ”.

The high council of sports supported the development of water sports between 2022 and 2024, with an investment determined, almost 5 million euros, the combined contribution to the grants olympic preparation and support of the programme Team España.

The total of this new programme amounts to almost eur 50 million over three years, 2023 and -2022 2024-. In the case of RFEN, this programme is contributing to the recruitment of technical, to the use of big data or to the implementation of concentrations outside spain.

“ thank you for making us happy ” has concluded the president of the CSD.

For its part, the president of the royal Spanish Federation of Swimming (RFEN), Fernando Carpena, has described the results of Doha as “ historical ” because “ all disciplines have obtained a presea ”.

In reference to the momentum of the CSD, Carpena has explained that “ it is fair to acknowledge that the preparation of the team to represent us at the international level is based on your support ”, emphasizing in particular the programme Team España, “ which assists in our athletes and technical subcommittee to be the best means ”.

During the event, on behalf of the entire spanish delegation, has also spoken Hugo gonzález de Oliveira, world champion in the 200m backstroke and silver in the 100m back. The swimmer has recognized that are “ very proud and grateful to be here ” and to recognize “ the results of many years of dedication and effort ”.

González de Oliveira has been eager to value the work of all members of the delegation of España in the Doha World, regardless of the outcome: “ we are fortunate in prove to be a gold medal, but our colleagues put the same effort ”.

Finally, the swimmer had reaffirmed its commitment to “ continue to seek leave to our team, our federations and all those who are in spain based on the top of the olympic games ”.

In the act have also been present the jumpers Nicolás García Boissier and Adrián Abadía, that an historic bronze medal in synchronized jumps of 3 meters and the olympic classification.