Spain is situated between the three countries more advanced in respect for gender equality in sport

Free: “ real equality is one of the priority objectives of CSD and work towards the day that does not speak of sport with labels

Madrid, 7 October 2019.Spain is one of the three European countries more advanced in respect for gender equality in sport, as defined in a study on this matter developed within the European project “ALL IN – Towards gender balance in sport, ”promoted by the council of Europe and the European commission. The study, which collects data from 18 European countries, concludes that France, Finlandia Spain and states are better positioned in this area.

According to this work, 59% of Spanish sports federations have a plan to prevent and combat gender inequality and 41% of them have already developed specific actions in this Area.

Moreover, the data show that 74% of the federations had already taken steps to reduce the distance between the number of male and female coaches in your selections and 82% has implemented measures to increase the percentage of women who practise sport in the usual way.

The results obtained on the current situation in Spain show that there is a 25% of women in positions in management of all the federations.

The study also referred to the proceedings and concrete initiatives undertaken by the High Council of sports (CSD) in relation to issues such as the promotion of women's sport, the increase in the number of women directives, awareness campaigns against gender violence or aid to the mothers for sportsmen reconcile their personal and professional lives.

For the president of the CSD and secretary of state for sport, María José Free, reducing gender inequality is a “ priority objective for the High Council of sports. The draft bill of sport, in which we continue to work, envisages a package of measures to achieve a more egalitarian, fairer. The ultimate goal is to real equality, a day in which we do not speak of sport with labels, ” said.

Project ALL IN- Towards gender balance in sport

It is an initiative promoted by the council of europe and by the European Commission which aims at promoting equality between men and women in sport.

The main objective is to provide support to public authorities and sports organizations to design and implement policies and programmes aimed at eliminating gender inequalities.

Within the framework of this project, has developed a study on equality in sport in six areas: leadership of sports organizations, coaches and judges, participation of athletes from the base to the elite, prevention of gender violence in sport, treatment of equality in the media and programming of integration.

In each country information is collected from the sports federations, the national Olympic committee and the ministry or agency responsible.

Alongside Spain have participated in the Albanian project, Austria, Azerbaiyán, Belgium Ciudad, Croatian, Czech Republic, Man, Finlandia, France, Georgia, Israel, Lituania, Netherlands, Montenegro, Portugal and Serbs.

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