ADB 2020 II

ADB 2020 IIit is a plan to support grass-root sport aimed at increasing the number of practitioners of sports and shape the optimum conditions for the detection of talented sports and their comprehensive development, both in sports as the academic. But in addition, in this second edition,ADB 2020 IIwant to influence the general population, to promote the practice of sports and physical activity as a key component of a healthy lifestyle.

The projects and activities ofADB 2020 IIare based around three main programmes:

  1. Support for sport At School (AOE)
  2. Support for sport UNiversiotario (ADU)
  3. the promocoón physical activity and combating sedentary life (ADB +)

The statement by the ADB 2020 II as Event of exceptional Public Interest (AEIP) allows the leveraging of significant tax benefits for companies that cooperate with the dissemination of the event and make a contribution to title donation to this programme.

The period of validity of the ADB 2020 programme II extends from 1 january 2019 until 31 december 2021.


Manual of corporate identity and use for collaborating companies of the ADB 2020 II: The document identifies the standards of use of the logos and/or image; criteria for the quantification of the different tax benefits which provides for the current regulation; establishes the forms of advertising for disclosure and the basis of a deduction from the same, the modalities of advertising costs of the media partners; the national action plans and programmes under the Plan. In addition, it defines the procedure for recognising the fiscal benefits like models of documentation to contribute to the collaborating companies and establish regulations on this procedure: