Project MAID

Elobjetivo tradicionalde infrastructure policy of CSD (imitated in the rest of AAPP) has been laconstrucciónde sports facilities. A national park of 25,000 IIDD in 1978 has become one of nearly 100,000 facilities. In quantity of sports facilities we can say that we have nothing to envy to the countries of our environment. However, this traditional goal, and almost of priority, which was the construction of IIDD, resulted in primasen investment policies (both through direct execution, especially in the early years, as was the case of MECHANICAL Plan or the CARD, as indirect enforcement through grants to other AAPP for the construction of IIDD, with greater importance in recent years). The rest of the state policies were closely linked to that objective (NIDE Standards, National census of IIDD AENOR and contacts with status private Standardization through technical recommendations).

The new situation generated with the assumption by the CCAA, as an exclusive competence of the field sport (except international relations), from CCLL as main “ buyers / implementers / headlines IIDD ” (65% of the park of IIDD is public), but without regulatory capacity (except in the sheets of technical requirements), transformed necessarily the role of the AGE / CSD, but this is not done until 2006 with the project MAID.

In this situation, and motivated by a request by a request from the sporting facilities sector, the CSD began to devise new policies states would develop the role and the new tasks that the state should face. It was time to perform a coordinated policy, harmonisation, momentum and collaboration with the private sector with the AAPP and They among themselves.

The first initiative resulted in MAID project, which, after more than two years of work, under the leadership of CSD and coordination of IBV, more than 80 persons which represent all territorial administrations (CCAA and CCLL through the FEMP) and representatives of the sector (professionals, managers, manufacturers..........................) were the first stirrings, the first fruits for designing the new policy of sports infrastructure of CSD:

  • The development of the normative database
  • The drafting of documents basis for the integral management of sports facilities (accessibility, safety,), reflected in the 21ST facilities monographic
  • The clearing of the new building standards, for the analysis of technical training.
  • The reconstitution of the group of AENOR sport, which is who eventually develop, with category of Technical Standard (not legal), the results of the project works MAID, similar to the rules NIDE or UNE. the code of good practice
  • The establishment of unafilosofía of cooperaciónentre public and private actors