Electronic voting system provided by the CSD

Description of electronic voting provided by the CSD


The electronic voting system, aims to facilitate the elector voting, removing initial barriers that may have some voters to new technologies.

It is an electronic box with touchscreen with which the voter visualizes and choose their options to vote. The menus of selection presented can be reproductions of electoral lists traditional.

Once done and validated the selection of candidates by the elector, the box formalizes electronic voting in memory for its totalization and transmission the closure of the electoral process.

In short, the functionality that offers the voting machine are:

  • Electronic vote by touch screen
  • Recording and transmission recount results
  • Printing counting record
  • Control of meeting voters voting through the use of smart cards

Furthermore, the system ensures a simple method of voting, efficient, safe and accessible to all voters.


The main advantages offered by a system of these features are:

  • The electorate about technological advances already present in other daily activities
  • Removes the cost associated with printing of ballots traditional
  • Simplifies the management of the process to the traditional methods
  • Reduces the logistics of implementation present in the traditional processes
  • Improves the reliability of results, minimizing errors
  • Adds improvements in security and auditability, through the storage of data in several maskers (memory, hard disk and external card) and the incorporation of audit files.
  • Decreases time counting on the table to vote, since it performs an automatic processing counting record
  • Minimizes the time of consolidation and dissemination of results, since each machine performs an immediate transmission of results
  • Maintains the secrecy of voting in the absence of traces voto-votante register
  • The universal vote and simplifies the vote for the disabled

System technical description

The technical solution provided covers the following phases of the project for each of the federations which request this type of vote:

  • Initial data processing
  • Proceedings prior to the start of the vote
  • The vote during election day
  • Emission of record of scrutiny of each machine
  • Totalization and dissemination of results in the venue of the assembly

Outline of components

During election day

Voting process

During the day elections, the voting process will continue the following steps:

  • Each of the electorate participating in the election will be going in the designated area for the realization of the votes located in the venue of the state Assembly.
  • Following the identification and verification by the authorities of polling stations for voters this recorded in the census, those authorities retained document of identification and will make you surrender of the card SmartCard that enables you to vote electronically.
  • If the voter needs help to cast their votes electronic, may request assistance to operators of machines.
  • After running the vote, the voter will return the voting card, which has already been disused to return to vote in this process and the table provide your document of identification.

This process is summarized graphically in the following scheme:

Emission of counting Record

Finished election day the operator, by means of its SmartCard and through the administrator PIN, perform the following operational in the machine to vote:

  • Closure of vote
  • Impression record of scrutiny of the machine

Moreover finished the operation on the machine, the operator will deliver Compact Flash card to the president of table to enter it on the server consolidation of results.

Totalization and dissemination of results

In the centre of vote will install a server whose functionality is as follows:

  • Read the results of the cards of each of the voting machines used in the process
  • Accumulate these results
  • Provide on-line consultations data received and processed.
  • Broadcast reports of the final results of the votes received by each of the candidates that have been submitted to the vote
  • Display the results in a query screen