“ Álvarez Lilí ” for journalistic work on sport

NowV Edición de los Premios Lilí Álvarez, convocados por el Instituto de la Mujer y para la Igualdad de Oportunidades (IMIO) en colaboración con el Consejo Superior de Deportes,and are designed to emphasize thepress assignments that best have contributed to the dissemination and defence of equality between women and men in the field of sport and to draw attention to women's sport in Spain.

Sets out four categories, according to the format of work, just as widespread in -prensa conventional media, radio and television -, adopted by the state or autonomous community, as in digital media or other Internet sites (blogs, social networks, web sites, etc.):

  • Journalistic work.
  • Press assignments graphics.
  • Radio journalistic work.
  • Visual journalistic work.

Work may be of any journalistic gender (news, report, chronic, interview, etc.) and individual or collective authorship. In this case the nomination should be submitted together or with authorization of each person co-autora.


  • The General registry of the institute of women, C/Condesa of Venadito no. 34, 28027-Madrid.
  • In any of the offices and records referred to in paragraph 4 of the item 16 of law 39/2015, of 1 october Common administrative procedure of MARIA ANTONIA MORILLAS GONZALEZ - 20 21-05-28 12:53:06 cest, position = director, institute of women, the authenticity of the document can be proven by THE csv: oip _ ct6xi7zhgrvexq7jz9dmv2awfna9 at https :// WWW.PAP.HACIENDA.GOB.ES MINISTRY OF EQUALITY INSTITUTE FOR women Public administrations, addressed The General registry Of the institute of women, indicating in the ‘ awards “ Lilí Álvarez ”.
  • In the electronic site Common Electronic Registration of the General state administration, with address at https :// rec.redsara.es/register/action/are/acceso.do where you can submit your application (Annex I) and annex II and the documentation required, under item 14 (2) of law 39/2015, of 1 october, from Common Administrative Procedure of the public authorities. In this e-mail contained the necessary instructions on the steps forward in its use.

Deadline for submission of requests:The deadline for nominations shall be 30 calendar days, starting from the day following the publication (7 june) of the extract of the call in the official gazette, until 3 p.m. deadline.

For more information:https :// www.inmujer.gob.es/servRecursos/calls/2020/IVPremiosLliliAlvarez.htm