Grants to projects of Deporte Inclusivo

Aid to Spanish Sports Federations for projects of Sport Inclusive in the year 2024

The 8th of december has been published in the official gazette of the Resolution of the presidency of the supreme council for sports, by which it was made public the call of grants to Spanish sports federations for the programme Mujer and sport and to draft Deporte Inclusivo in the year 2024.

Requests may be used for air telematics through the electronic site CSD.

To access the document, click the link below:

https ://

For more information, as well as for their request and processed, address the link of the electronic site for sports Council:

https :// idProcedimiento = 92 & idRes = 502

The areas in which they can targeted aid is as follows:

1. Processes of integration of sport for people with disabilities in the federation.

2. Aid for training.

3. Organization of contests that sustain the process of inclusion and integration of persons with disabilities. It will take special consideration to the organization of competitions for people with and without disabilities in the same date and place.

4. The promotion and dissemination of sports for persons with disabilities.

5. Recruitment of staff of the sport of specific persons with disabilities.

6. Captación, detection of talent and sports development of athletes with disabilities, before canoe.