Access to services of CMED

  1. Request for Spanish sports federations

Access to athletes CMED services is done through Spanish sports federations (or entities with specific agreement) by sending the form of “ Application of services médico-deportivos – CMED ”, duly completed and signed by the person responsible, to the secretariat of CMED with email

Service can be requested for a Full Recognition or to request individual benefits from any of the CMED units. The procedure and form is the same in both cases.

  1. Appointment confirmation, realization of recognition and recommendations to the athlete.

The secretariat of CMED assigned the / s quotes / s for depending on the availability of the requested dates, being communicated to the federation via email provided. The federation confirm then this information to the athlete.

Confirmed the appointment, for the realization of full recognition médico-deportivo or other medical evidence requested, the sportsman should come to CMED located on the street Painter the Greek s / n.

3.- Reports

The reception and display of medical reports is done via the “ health Card of the sportsman. ” In this virtual card associated to a computer application are flushed medical reports of each athlete.

This card is issued and is managed by the CMED for all athletes in his first visit. In it are flushed results to which the athlete can easily accessible via the Internet.

Besides sportsmen, medical officials federative, previously authorized, will be able to access the card details of health of its athletes.


Center of sports medicine

Department of sport and health

Spanish agency of health protection in sport (AEPSAD)