Training programmes. Scholarships and postgraduate students

The department of sport and health of AEPSAD within its public service role and reinvestment in the society of experience and knowledge of the center of sports medicine (CMED), makes an important work of training:

  • Through the convening of training scholarships aimed at professionals of sanitary branches (postgraduate fellowships)
  • Through agreements and agreements with Universities by which students and masters Degree (sports medicine, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, Human Nutrition and dietetics, sciences of physical education and sport, etc.) made their practices in the facilities of CMED live in first person healthcare elite athletes national and international.
  • Through rotation formative stays external CMED, at the request of doctors Displaced Residents (of specialities such as cardiology, Family and Community Medicine, rehabilitation, etc.) can make in the centre of Sports medicine.

For more information, consult with the secretariat of the department of sport and health of AEPSAD via email