The CSD and SPORTTIPS sign a cooperation agreement with a view to assisting athletes their professional and personal development

  • Sporttips is a digital platform (APP) that connects the athletes from all levels with the best specialists and services, and is endorsed and advanced as Ona Carbonell, Teresa Perales, Alexia Putellas, Adri Arnaus and many more.

Madrid, 12 may 2022.-TheThe supreme council for sports (CSD)signing a cooperation agreement withSporttipsa technological platform that connects to an inclusive and diverse community of athletes with an ecosystem of specialists and confidence, backed by experts and elite athletes. The convention has been signed by Albert Soler, director General of Sports, and Marcos Garzo, CEO and founder of Sporttips, and also benefited from the presence of Teresa Perales, which is part of the project.

The collaboration between the CSD and Sporttips is based on exploiting the synergies between the two entities with the will to provide high-performance athletes a personal and professional support of the highest quality. The aim is to facilitate the full development of sportsmen, including access to the best specialists required to ensure a smooth transition to work and meet your needs at every stage of his life as top sportswomen and/or high-performance.

Sporttips is endorsed by major olympic and paralympic athletes. Its purpose is to facilitate, mentoring and accompany the sportsman, both in the field of sports performance (coaching, psychology, physiotherapy, etc.), such as in health (nutrition, sports medicine, etc.), education (scholarships, courses, presentations, etc.) and also in management (bolsa de trabajo, agencies of representation, etc.).

ToAlbert Soler, director General of the CSD,“ Sporttips is a resource of great value for our high-level in order to enable them to catch up with a platform created by and for the sportsman, enabling them to publicize and develop their professional services within a framework that guarantees the quality of the same. Adds to the resources that the CSD, through the programme of Attention to the sportsman, and at the service of sportsmen so you can develop a dual career success, conforming to competitive demands and performance of a sportsman ”.

Teresa Perales, swimmer paralímpica and recently awarded the princess of Asturias of sports 2021, considers the convention"an excellent opportunity to access a range of services guaranteed by top sportswomen in the same platform. I Believe that such initiatives are frankly Sporttips Useful for any sports lover, whatever the level at which it is. In Addition, agreements like this with the CSD are essential for the high-level can also take these synergies, as well as personal and professional opportunities provides infinite this platform ”.

For its part,Garzo frameworks, CEO and founder of Sporttips, considers that“ sport is now a fundamental right and our purpose, in line with the vision of the CSD and PROAD, is to help athletes in all those in need of specialized services throughout their life cycle; In its formative stage, the stage of competition and professional, and of the utmost importance, in its stage of management in a new world of work, always to promote the great strengths of sportsmen and women ”.