Center of high performance of the High Council of sports, Madrid

(C/Martin iron, 5. 28040 Madrid.
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Madrid - Carddecks 16 Km
Madrid - Chamartín station
University city. Buses: 46 -


Total length of the center
150000 m2
Sports Higher Council
Sports Higher Council
Classification date
General support services
Unity Capac/. Title Duration of use Distance to the instalac.
“ Residence Joaquín Blume ”:

190 Single rooms

45 Doubles

4 Rooms Guests

2 Apartments
294 CSD Throughout the year 0
Dining room 200
Medical service 24 hours
A.T.S. service
Reading room
2 Television rooms
Meeting room
2 Computer rooms
Room for visits
Hydrotherapy room: Sauna, contrasts, pool treatment, jets, pressure, etc.
Institute, which gives lessons from: C.S.D. In the CAR
Secondary, in two shifts, morning and evening 1
Baccalaureate, in its three modes.

Can be done up to four years

(Also has admitted a regime of study “ remote ”)
Grade module middle and upper Fsicas animation and sports Activities
Module for medium and high Degree of exploitation of Computer Systems
Adult education
Sports Medicine center, with services of:

Sport psychology


Physiology of effort


Internal medicine, Endocrinology and nutrition

Clinical laboratory

Locomotor system

Physical rehabilitation and physiotherapy

Postural and dynamic image

This centre is attached to the General Office sports and health of C.S.D.

For more information:Center of sports medicine

C.S.D. 400 m.
Sports Facilities
Sports units (with characteristics) Direction Dimensions Deck Distance to the residence
The Central pavilion, which includes: C.A.R.D. IF In plot CARD
Multisports Area 45 x 35 m. IF
Gym IF
Pool 25 x 13 m. IF
Fitness room IF
Sauna IF
Four units of changing rooms complete IF
Outdoor Pavilion, which includes: C.A.R.D IF
Multisports Area 45 x 30 m. IF
Two rooms for physical preparation IF
Judo hall IF
Three Classrooms IF
Area outdoor court, which includes: C.A.R.D. NO
Tennis court NO
Room Balonmano-fútbol track NO
Two Baloncesto-Voleibol tracks NO
Multiple flag high Competition I, which includes: C.A.R.D. IF
Sports hall of combat 48 x 28 x 6.05 m. IF
Artistic Gymnastics room Female 41 x 26 x 7 m. IF
Artistic Gymnastics room Male 41 x 26 x 7 m. IF
Rhythmic Gymnastics room 31 x 21 x 21 m. IF
Swimming pool with eight streets 50 x 21 m. IF
Fitness room specific for swimming and Triathlon IF
Overall fitness room IF
Two Classrooms IF
Medical Control room IF
Two Rooms of Physiotherapy IF
Sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi IF
Twelve complete locker units IF
Fourth Doping Control IF
Multiple flag high Competition II, which includes: C.A.R.D. IF
Multisports Area 24 x 45 x 11 m. IF
Room for and Karate Taekwondo 225 m2 IF
Boxing room 335 m2 IF
Triathlon room 225 m2 IF
Olympic shooting chamber, maximum distance 50m. 470 m2 IF
Fencing room with 11 Tracks 488 m2 IF
Room for canoeing Rafts 525 m2 IF
Weightlifting room 444 m2 IF
Fitness room 180 m2 IF
Physiotherapy room IF
Four collective Dressing Rooms complete IF
Two coaches Locker IF
Fourth Doping Control IF
Athletics track, which includes: C.A.R.D. NO
400Mts. Track with eight streets NO
Street for output of relaxation of athletes NO
External circuit Artificial Grass NO
Football field NO
Launch cage hammer and disk NO
Two launch circles weight NO
Vault corridor NO
Jumping pits and Triple Length NO
Indoor athletics module, which includes: C.A.R.D. IF
Six straight streets 110 Meters. IF
Horizontal jumps Áreade. Longitude and Triple IF
Vertical jumps Area. Height and Boom IF
Fitness room IF
Two locker IF
Medical service, Psychological IF
Physiotherapy room IF
Room of Archery. Basement IF
Launches area, which includes: C.A.R.D. NO
Launch cage hammer and disk NO
Launch aisle javelin NO
Three launch circles weight NO
Triple Jump aisle (training) NO
Fitness room IF
Two complete Locker IF
Archery, which includes: C.A.R.D. NO
Target area 90 meters. NO
Putting Green, which includes: C.A.R.D. NO
Area of Putting 3 holes with tee ’ s and ramparts NO
Field of Artificial Field Hockey, which includes: C.A.R.D. NO
Regulatory field Artificial turf NO
Classroom IF
Two collective dressing rooms complete and two coaches IF

Natural space Features Distance to the centre
West Park Natural Circuitopedestre 200 mts.
Country house 500 mts.
Sports Modalities
Public prices
Scholarships and grants

Aids and subventions: 991956 - Scholarships for residence Joaquín Blume of Madrid - [Scholarships and grants]