Regulation of services

Resolution of 23 January 2006, the overall direction of sports, which establishes the rules for the provision of services and facilities use of High Council of sports.

The Ministerial Order of 2 August 2005 laying down public prices to meet for certain services provided by the High Council of sports (fifth states that "service delivery" will be carried out in accordance with the rules that, to that end, they will be adopted by the General direction of sports.

The use of installations will be carried out according to the following rules:

Primera.- provides the following order of priorities for the use of the facilities of the High Council of sports:


1º.- scholarship athletes with internal or external, and / or athletes concentrated in the C.A.R. of Madrid or in the Sierra Nevada of C.A.R..

2.- Athletes from High Level (DAN) of Olympic and Paralympics specialities, and sportsmen included in the agenda PIPE.

3.- Athletes from High Level (ARE) not specialties Olympic and Paralympics not.

4 ° Athletes included in state programs of "Sports Technicization" protected by the High Council of sports.

5º.- Athletes members of national teams of Olympic specialities.

6.- Athletes members of national teams of Olympic not specialities.

7º.- athletes from other entities through specific agreement.

8.- Other applications (athletes from other programs federative interest, technicians, referees, etc.).

Segunda.- in a second order authorizes the use of the facilities to foreign athletes when it meets the following requirements:


Foreign Athletes 1º.- integrated within the international conventions signed between the High Council of sports and other countries.

2.- At the request of the competent authority in the country sport (ministry of sports, Olympic Committee,...), prior to the report valorization of the Spanish Federation.

3.- At the request of the Spanish Federation, attaching technical report justification of sporting interest of the request.

Tercera.- upon request and accreditation of the Spanish Federation, may access to use those facilities – former international sportsmen absolute requesting it.


1º.- Athletes veterans who had in their working lives recognition of High Level (DAN), or participated in Olympics and in international competitions in the national teams, for their participation in the scientific project monitoring the health of this group of athletes.

2.- Retired Athletes, which in their working lives were international absolute.

The authorization to use of facilities for these users be subject to availability exists in the centre

Cuarta.- applying the fourth point of the order of 2 August 2005 prices public, means for sportspeople integrated in sports programmes protected directly by the High Council of sports for those who belong to any of the population groups of reference:

to) Sports Programmes of high Competition.

All athletes of the group to, including at points of order of priority: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th.

(b) Scope sports programs.

Athletes included in the fourth point on the group and the cases referred to in the group V.

(c) Sports Programmes integrated into agreements with other countries

Athletes included in point 1 of the group B.

Quinta.- division of high performance Centres may take the following decisions, upon observance of the second paragraph previous:

A.- firm reservation. In these cases, the division of high performance Centres communicated to the applicant: services to provide, sportsmen affected, date of benefits and considerations to observe in their realization (schedule, approximate duration, conditions of development, etc.).

B.- provisional reservation. These concessions will depend, in the same dates, has sufficient coverage up to 25 days earlier, applying the order of priorities in subparagraph (second. If 25 days prior to the date the division of high performance Centres not to make any express indication against, the provisional reservation would automatically become firm reservation.

C.- Alternative proposal. When there is no coverage for the provision of the services requested for the requested dates. In these cases, you can raise proposals for alternative dates.

Sexta.- all services will have its corresponding economic valuation according to the order of 2 August 2005 and conditions stipulated in the corresponding Convention.

Invoicing by the division of high performance Centres, where appropriate, meets the instructions and formats to establish, for each case, each Sport Infrastructures General Economic and administration of Higher Council of sports.

What is made public for general information.


Marjorie Perea White