This rule is applicable in all those covered pools made wholly or partly funded by the council for sports and for the holding of federal competitions at national level, it could serve as a reference to the design and construction of sports facilities that do not meet the above-mentioned requirements.

This project lists the conditions for planning, design, technical conditions of materials, systems and facilities relating to sporting Useful pools calls for the practice of the following sports: Swimming in all modes, Swimming, jumps, artistic And rescue and Polo.

and of the following activities: swimming, recreational swimming water, aerobic fitness, swimming, Splash of children and adaptation to the aquatic environment, water sports recreation of children, sports, recreation of adults and young people or swimmers and non-swimmers, other activities (swimming, aerobic fitness, jet skiing, diving, training, career underwater underwater, etc.).

and all those who might be incorporated in a timely manner when one looks at outdoor pool at the federal sports competition, deporte-recreativo for all and/or school sports. The indoor swimming pool must contribute to the maximum number of sports or activities mentioned above, in order to achieve greater profitability.

The rules of each of these sports or activities are separate document of the present rule.

All indoor swimming pool which can be applied this rule shall be composed of living space to sport and auxiliary spaces. See Terms and Definitions.

Fall outside the scope of this project, the outdoor sports facilities, useful for sports or activities mentioned, all of which is reflected in the standard project NIDE outdoor swimming pools.

Also remain outside the scope of this project, either the outdoor pools of private residential character (for the particular use of a family) as the collective residential (service and exclusive owner), as well as public residential (hotels, hostels, etc.).