Historical evolution

Contains the historical evolution since birth in 1989 with the programme 2000, passing through the breast screening programme Sporting Talent, the agenda of future Spanish Selections until today with the national programme for technicization Esportiva (PNTD).

The programme 2000 was born in 1989 consisting of two subprogrammes, Sports in summer Sports and refinement, with the aim of the Olympic Games of 2000 Sídney. Participate 5 FFEE: athletics, basketball, handball, winter sports and volleyball.

The programme of detection of Sporting Talents was born in 1997 due to the necessary restructuring to cover goals beyond the year 2000. Was developed over 13 years and in the year 2000 merged the so-called Future Programme Spanish Selections, with the aim of pooling efforts by the various Public Administrations (state, regional and local), Spanish federations and their respective Territorial Area of sport. Participation of 27 FFEE.

The agenda of future Selections met for the first time in the year 2000, in order to fill a repeated demand ongoing Spanish sports federations: fill the gap between the detection and refinement of athletes and their arrival at selections absolute. This programme was aimed at the age junior still more flexible than the previous helping young talent to take the step towards the high performance. Participation of 38 FFEE.

From the fusion of previous programmes: detection of sporting talents and future Spanish Selections in order to coordinate the efforts of both as well as the programme of Sports Centres. Its beginnings were with 32 FFEE and 46 projects.