Free visit of the Sierra Nevada: “centres of High Performance give recognition Spain ” brand

The centre of High performance of Grenade welcomes the year around 40 international sports stays high-level

Madrid, 16 July 2019.The centre of high-performance Sierra Nevada, in shell, welcomes the year around 40 international sporting stays altonivel. This morning has visited the facilities the secretary of state for sport, María José Free, which has been accompanied by the government subdelegada Grenade, Immaculate López.

Free has remained different encounters with athletes currently train in this CAR, including cyclists, athletes, swimmers and sportsmen of disciplines adapted. Also, the president of the CSD has participated in the training of the selection of New Zealand Rugby, the ‘ All Blacks ’, which these days there are ‘ clinic ’ of summer.

For the president of the CSD, “centres of High Performance are giving much appreciation to level of brand Spain. In Grenade have one of the most popular centres at the international level, especially this year which is preolímpico. Each year, about 40 different countries ask for training in our facilities for the quality and find all the facilities to give the maximum level ”.

According to María José Free “the fact that we are here in Sierra Nevada is particular. First, because I feel at home and, secondly, because it is one of the centres that by their nature in height helps performance and even more to athletes and coaches to find the ideal place to pay ”.

Free has attended the training that technicians and players of rugby team with New Zelanda trained young people aged 15 and 17 years participating in the campus, as well as a display that they have done.

“which are here today the ‘ All Blacks ’ is for us something very important. Continue To promote the basis, our sportspeople also learn from all countries who come to train and this experience is essential," insured.

The New Zealand team, one of the best in the world and Asturias Prize princess of sports 2017, has chosen the facilities of the CAR of Grenade to perform its work plan and training. During one week will remain in the residence, will use the sports and medical services offered by the centre, and may coexist with high-level sportsmen currently produced in Him their summer competitions.

High Performance centre of Sierra Nevada The CAR of Sierra Nevada, managed by the sports Higher Council under the ministry of culture and sport, has an average of 30,000 annual stays high-level athletes belonging to 20 different disciplines.

Fifty percent of users are spanish athletes, notably figures such as the swimmer Belmonte Mireia, which takes into this centre their training base, or triathletes like Fernando Alarza, the national team of Rugby 7 or waterpolo; as well as Paralympic athletes Floor Lamps Pear Trees or Ricardo Ten.

The other half is international sportsmen, since there are many countries that also choose this centre for their preparations. The Japanese Swimming Federation, the British Federation rowing or different cycling teams of first level, such as those in Peter Sagan, Julien Alaphilipe or Roman Bardet, are some of them.

The CAR of Sierra Nevada offers all facilities equipped with the best equipment for your training at the highest level, as well as a residence that facilitates this preparation in the most comfortable conditions. Among its services, moreover, has a medical centre composed of sports medicine specialists who look after the health of sportsmen, as well as a department of biomechanics and Performance analysis that allows both the analysis of the technical execution as conditional valuations. All at an altitude of 2,320 metres, a determining factor in the preparation of the elite eportistas.

In recent Olympics and Paralympics (River 2016), 67 sportsmen who managed to get a medal had been part of their preparation during the previous year in the facilities of the center.