Large and Athletic fields

This rule is applicable in all major fields and athletics facilities made wholly or partly funded by the council for sports and for the holding of federal competitions at national level, it could serve as a reference to the design and construction of sports facilities that do not meet the above-mentioned requirements.

This project lists the conditions for planning, design, technical conditions of materials, systems and facilities in respect of outdoor sports facilities, so-called big and Athletic Fields useful for the practice of the following:

- Athletics in track in all its specialties of races, jumps and launchings.





As well as physical education in schools and all those sports or sport modalities that could be incorporated in a timely manner when considering whether to be considered capable in campo grande, at the federal sports competition, recreational sport for all and/or school sport.

The large fields and athletics facilities should be used for the maximum number of sport modalities in order to achieve a greater profitability.

The rules of each of these sports or sports specialities are separate document of the present rule.

All campo grande and athletics facilities which can be applied this rule shall be comprised of living space to sport and auxiliary spaces. See Terms and Definitions. Fall outside the scope of this project, the sports facilities safe for sports cited as well as sporting venues and stages of fields and/or large athletics with a number of more than 4,000 places of spectators.