Chambers and Flags

This rule is applicable in all those chambers and flags made wholly or partly funded by the council for sports and for the holding of federal competitions at national level, it could serve as a reference to the design and construction of sports facilities that do not meet the above-mentioned requirements.

This project lists the conditions for planning, design and technical conditions of materials, systems and facilities in respect of the sports facilities and covered so-called Flags, suitable for the practice of the following:

  • Badminton
  • Bubble Hockey
  • Basketball
  • The ‘ Minibasket ’
  • Handball
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Volleyball

And under certain conditions:






Aerobic gymnastics

Acrobatic gymnastics

Artistic gymnastics

Gymnastics in trampoline

Gimnasia rítmica








Table tennis

As well as physical education in schools and all those sports or sport modalities that could be incorporated if considered suitable to be held in chambers and departments, such as the escalation in artificial structures of escalation or in the interior or exterior walls of the installation. The practice of these sports will be as much as federal sports competition, recreational sport for all and/or school sport.

The room or flag must serve to the maximum number of sport modalities in order to achieve a greater profitability of

Las normas reglamentarias de cada uno de esos deportes o especialidades deportivas constituyen documento aparte de la presente norma de proyecto.

Fall outside the scope of this project, the outdoor facilities useful for the practice of any of the sports cited, which are reflected in the rule of the project “ small ” Tracks

Not included in the area of this rule, the constructions covered for the practice of athletics, sport of ice, pelota-frontón, cycling and sports of horse riding.

Nor do fall within the scope of this rule, major construction covered Useful for the show not only of sport, but also cultural and recreational, known as “ palaces of sports ” or “ Arenas ”.