Working days on sports technicization

2010 Technicization days

The General Office sports and Promoting Paralympic Sport along with the division of high performance Centres, are working hours Technicization on sports in collaboration with the board of Catillano and Lion whose objective is to strengthen the connection between the autonomic programmes for technicization, work in places for technicization and high performance and the national program for technicization Sports.


Modernization programs of Autonomous Communities

Autonomous community of the Basque Country. Patxi Mutiloa Aldazabal, General manager of Sports.

José Lake Hidalgo, technical adviser of the service of programs and sports activities of the General direction of planning and promotion of sport of the board Andalucian marvel.

Luis Pujades Hernández Approach, head of Sports service and high-performance sports of the board of Catillano and Lion.

Fish fabián Gómez, General manager of Sports.

Exhibition of Modernization programs Spanish federations

Martin San José Å, Technical Director

Rubén Pérez grandson, Technical secretary.

Fernando Vizcaino, Technical Director and Luís Northern Pike, coach

Rubén Duke blonde, Technical Manager

Modernization of autonomy. Sports Technicization Centres

Nice pink María Brown, director of the division of centres of High performance.

National programme of Sports Technicization

Daniel Mateos Strong. Technical PNTD sports

Daniel Mateos Strong Technical and sporting PNTD Alfonso Loyal Mere. PNTD.