The first programme canoe esportiva CSD was born in 1989 with 5 Federaciones Españolas (athletics, Baloncesto, Balonmano, winter sports and Voleibol) with the name of“ 2000 programme Sports Development ”(in turn formed by two subprogrammes: Deporte Infantil in summer and Perfeccionamiento Deportivo) whose long-term objective the olympic games of Sydney.

In 1997 has created a need to cover restructuring objectives beyond the year 2000. the resources Are optimized, and seeks greater clarity and identification of those aims. The Programme was renamed“ detection programme Sporting Talent ”includes 27 Spanish Federations.

In 2000, was renamed“ programme of future Choices ”in order to fill a repeated demand that was being done by Spanish sports federations: fill the gap between the detection and improvement of athletes and their arrival in the absolute selections. This programme was aimed at the age junior being more flexible than the previous helping young talents make the move towards the high performance. Participation of 38 FF.EE.

In 2002 (and to present day) is born on“ national programme for Sports Canoe (PNTD) ”with a view to coordinating efforts and as a result of secure centres programme, the Canoe detection programme Sporting Talents, and programme of future Spanish Selections. Defined 2 Areas, national (32 Federaciones Deportivas Españolas covering 46 projects) and autonomous groups (with projects of 15 Autonomous communities, which reflected 22 centres and 40 Sports Programmes).

At present the PNTD consists of 39 Federaciones Deportivas Españolas (Olímpicas, not Olímpicas Paralympics and) with 58 Proyectos Deportivos.