The CSD the federations to reach the 81.3 million in 2021

  • The contribution of the CSD rose by 11.4 million and €and it represents more than one third of total revenue of the federations, which have a significant increase of more than 37 per cent over the previous year

  • The study also reflects the positive outcome of eur 4 million for the whole of the federations during the last exercise, as a result, in essence, the gradual return to normalcy for sporting activity after the pandemic

Madrid, 28 march 2022.-The high council of sports (CSD) has recently published the reportLarge numberseconomic 2012-2022 Spanish Sports Federations’,the study that aims to show a true picture of the economic situation of spanish sports federations (FFDDEE) -a exception of the royal Spanish Federation of Football.

The main conclusion of the study is the positive economic result set federations for the year 2021, in line with the data obtained from 2018; in particular, eur 4 million. Of the total FFDDEE, 49 estimated benefits by 2021, 14 foreseen and maintains the balance between income and expenditure.

Some positive developments that occur over the significant increase of 37.5 per cent of total income over the previous year, reaching a record $215,3 million euros. A circumstance that is mainly due to two factors. On the one hand, the recovery of own resources as a result of the restoration of a large part of the sporting activities after the fall in 2020 by the pandemic. In the last exercise, the income earned by publicity, licences, fees and other activities amounted to $108,5 million euros, 40,76% more than the previous period, the preliminary stages to the pandemic.

And, on the other, the increase in income are also due to increases in grants from the council for sports in its various helplines -Alta competition, for results and CEAR, Canoe to programmes for Women and sport and Sport At school. The input of the CSD reached $81.3 million euros in 2021, 16.4 per cent more than a year earlier, they represented 37 per cent of total revenue of federations in the past year.

In this way, as the report indicates, the trend to the growth of the contribution of the CSD to financing the FFDDEE initiated in 2013 (with the exception of the year 2020, a reduction in subsidies due to the fall of the aid from the distribution of audiovisual rights).

Likewise, expenditures have increased by 38,82 per cent in the past year and the total debt stock of the exercise has grown 44,88 per cent, to $58.6 million. As noted in the study, are recovered somewhat higher than levels recorded before the pandemic, which do not to be of concern, as they are accompanied by a parallel increase in the assets of the Federations.

Improve both the fund to manoeuvre as net worth of federations

The report provides a step in the fund, the main indicator of liquidity, which is calculated as the difference between assets and liabilities. In 2021 flows continued upward trend, reaching $28.7 million euros, 31,48 per cent over last year.

It also improves the equity of federations, i.e., the value of a company once discounted their debts. There is a hike in 13,63 per cent in the forecast for 2021 for precedent, as a result of sanitary measures undertaken and to improved performance in recent years. In particular, the equity of FFDDEE totalled 68.3 million euros, the highest number of the historical series.