Specialized Centre for technicization canoeing Sports (Slalom), Seu d ’ Urgell, Lérida (Catalonia)

Road Circunvalació, s/n 25700 The Seu d ’ Urgell
973 36 00 92
973 36 01 92
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Barcelona, motorway A2 direction Lleida until Cervera, direction Bridges and C-14 until the Seu d ’ Urgell. Barcelona Cadi Tunnel and N-260 until the Seu d ’ Urgell
Lleida Renfe-Pirineos and C-13 Station direction The Seu d ’ Urgell
Alsina Graells Lleida Lines and Barcelona. North Station


Total length of the center
7000 m2
The municipality Seu d ’ Urgell
The park Segre, S.A.
Classification date
General Service
General Service
Unity Room capacity Number of spaces Direction Period Distance to the residence
Residence 1-2-4 271 Saint Joan Baptist La Salle, 51 The Seu d ’ Urgell - Lerida Throughout the year 300 m.
Sports Facilities
Own facilities
Sports units Direction Dimensions Deck Distance to the residence Owner
Feed C.E.T.D. Length: 200m. Width: 12m. No 200 m. City
Quiet water channel C.E.T.D Length: 640m. Width: 20m. No 200 m. City
Channel of initiation C.E.T.D Length: 130m. Width: screen. No 200 m. City
Competition channel C.E.T.D Length: 340m. Width: 6,5m. No 200 m. City
Mechanical lifts C.E.T.D 2 units No 200 m. City
Small hydropower plant C.E.T.D 1200Kw powerhouse turbines: 4 No 200 m. City
Changing rooms C.E.T.D 80m2 YES 200 m. City
Gym C.E.T.D 70m2 YES 200 m. City
Boats warehouse C.E.T.D 200m2 YES 200 m. City
Room medical evaluation C.E.T.D 25m2 YES 200 m. City
Video room C.E.T.D 25m2 YES 200 m. City
Meeting room C.E.T.D 96m2 YES 200 m. City
Outside facilities
Sports units Distance to the residence
Natural park Cadi. Natural park. Trekking 10 km.
Natural spaces of sporting use
Sports units Distance to the residence
Sports 400 m.
Hospital 200 m.
Car of Majorca Cugat 180 km