• The law 10 / 1990, 15 October, sport, holds the top-level sport of interest to the state, corresponding to the General administration of the state, in collaboration with the Autonomous Communities, seek the means necessary for the technical preparation and scientific support of the high level sports.
  • To carry out this task, and analyse the international sports reality, it becomes necessary detection, selection and monitoring of athletes who will subsequently, Spanish and selections will represent us in the major sporting events.
  • From this perspective, senior elConsejo Deportespretende coordinate efforts, both economic and management, being made, in this sense, both by the Council itself as the different public entities (autonomous communities, local entities, etc.) and Spanish sports federations, aimed at boosting the athletes to achieve their goals high level.


  • Meet the technical expertise of athletes since its inception, at an early age, and during the various stages of its refinement sports, in its territorial area, until its consolidation as high-level athletes.
  • Help reconcile sports with academic training of the sportsman, with the clear objective of achieving comprehensive training of young sportspeople.
  • Get a Single technical project, which can be applied, initially in stages of autonomous technicization and subsequently, in the high national championship, bringing together Autonomous federations Spanish and the corresponding.
  • The detection of sports promises


  • Sports facilities suitable for the training of sportsmen high level in all those modalities in the centre develops Programs for technicization
  • Dispose of a residence for sportsmen, that meets the needs of young people who should live and study in them, throughout the year.
  • Having a Sports Medicine center to conduct the appropriate follow to ensure both health protection of youth before situations of special effort, as they have the scientific support needed for the greatest achievement sport.
  • Units of support for teaching, which, depending on the number of athletes in concentration permanent, may consist of Units located in the centre itself, professors of support for education in certain subjects, guardian of studies for performance monitoring of the student and its relationship with the educational centre, etc.
  • Provide a structure that allows the coordinate technical, administrative and economic programmes that are developed in the center.

Institutions and entities involved

  • Title of the center can match the Autonomous community itself or any local entity.
  • The Autonomous Community, in any case, supports the activity and contributes to its funding.
  • Senior ElConsejo Deportescolabora in management and in the infrastructure and equipment of centres that develop a programme of State interest. The rules for this aid can be found in paragraph "Aid".
  • Large number of establishments economic and administrative input from other entities (Municipalities, deputies, Concellos, federations Autonó-micas and Spanish Federations).
  • Technical input of Spanish federations, in some cases


  • Athletes in concentration permanent, internal.
  • Athletes in permanent concentration, external (resident in the same location or a very next).
  • Athletes at concentrations, on weekends or holidays, are selected by their federations Autonomist Spanish or to carry out screening for talents or upgrading in group.
  • Concentrations of selections National or Regional