It shall take appropriate measures to develop the physical capacity of youth, to enable them to acquire physical and sports skills base and to encourage the practice of sport, specifically:

  • Ensuring that all students enjoy internships of sports, recreation and physical education, as well as specific facilities, as well as ensuring to enable adequate hours.

  • Ensuring the formation of qualified teachers in all schools.

  • Offering, after the period of compulsory schooling, the possibility that young people continue practicing sports.

  • Encouraging the establishment of appropriate links between schools and other educational institutions, sports clubs schoolchildren and local sports clubs.

  • Fostering a state of opinion where parents, teachers, coaches and leaders encourage youth to practise sport regularly.

  • Ensuring that are inculcated young students in elementary school to the principles of sportsmanship.

(European Charter of sport, Art. 5)

In 1988, the ministry of education and science, the High Council of sports, Autonomous Agency of the ministry, and autonomous communities that had no transferred at that time the competences in education, start a Plan, whose full name is extension of physical education and sport in schools in non-university educational Centres, better known by the name of School Plan.

This important project has allowed us to provide many public schools in primary and secondary schools the means to provide physical education curriculum and, moreover, has promoted the habit sporty through sport as extracurricular activity.

This has contributed to the development of real educational Areas for a comprehensive training, creating, too, in many municipalities a significant infrastructure of sports facilities at the service of the community.