Sports development centre in Amposta, Tarragona (Catalonia)

(C / França, 61-73, 43870 Amposta (Tarragona)
977 70 80 44
Total length of the center
64 m2
Amposta City
Classification date
sept. 2006
General Service
Unity Capac /. Title Duration of use Distance to the installation
Sports medicine unit (service daily physiotherapy and rehabilitation) Amposta City Throughout the year 400m
IS (3rd & 4th that; 1st and 2nd &Quot;.; form. Cycles and medium degree of three-act. Physical) Generalitat de Catalunya Sept.- Jun. 150m
Residence 45 Generalitat de Catalunya Sept.- Jun. 600m
Study classroom (residence) 12 Generalitat de Catalunya Sept.- Jun. 600m
Study classroom (flag) 8 Amposta City Sept.- Jun. -
Study classroom (Swimming Pool) 8 Amposta City Except August -

(Include residences, Heart Medico-Deportivo, study rooms, library, etc.)

Sports facilities
Sports units (with characteristics) Direction Dimensions Deck Distance to the residence
Indoor pool (C / Franca, 61-73

43870 Amposta
600 m
glass of competition (25m x 8 streets) (25 x 16 m) YES


(and bodybuilding room multiple rooms)

500 m2 YES

synthetic athletics track

with zone of jumps and launches

(400m x 8 streets) No
Sports pavilion Sebastià Joan Arbò, 6-8

43870 Amposta
500 m
triple track sports (44 x 23m) YES
hint of rollerblading (40 x 20m) YES
external indoor courts (3) (40 x 20m) No
room multifuncioal (50m x 8m) YES
Municipal stadium (C / Barcelona s / n

43870 Amposta
700 m

football field

(3rd generation artificial grass)

(106 x 66,50m) No
football field (land) (90 x 45 m) No
Fencing row (under construction) (C / Franca, 61-73

43870 Amposta

(35 x 20m)

11 racing tracks

training + 6

YES 600 m
Olympic rowing center (Nautical Club Amposta) The Passeig Riu, 19-21

43870 Amposta

Hangar boats 350 m2

Gym 90 m2

YES 1 km


Natural space Features Distance to the centre
Ebro River 30 km navegables. minimum width 134 m 1 km
Sports modalities
That develops sports centre Installation
Olympic rowing - Rowing center Nautical Club Amposta
Fencing (sword) Fencing flag
Handball (female) Sports pavilion
Canoeing (calm waters) - Rowing center Nautical Club Amposta
Athletics (Track) Athletics track
Swimming Indoor pool