Sports development centre of Soria (Catillano and Lion)

Sports Complex "The Pajaritos" c / University s / n 42003 SORIA


Soria City
Founding training centre, and Sports Promotion
Classification date
General Service
Unity Capac /. Title Duration of use Distance to the instalac.
Youth residence "Machado Associació" 97 squares (3 discap) Catillano and board Lion 930 metres.
Library In the residence
Sports medicine center 31 m.
Study hall In the residence
Sports Facilities
Sports units (with characteristics) Direction Dimensions Deck Distance to the residence
Sports Complex "The Pajaritos", which includes:
Sports Pavilion, with 3 training tracks CTD 44 x 27m., fixed graderio IF 929 m.
Fitness room " IF "
Gym " "
Indoor athletics module, which contains:
Speed straight CTD 6 streets, 80m. - exit area of Pitman Company; area of braking 15m. IF "
Jump apron area 18m. long. minima
Leap zone length and triple 67m. longitudx5,75m width
Pole vault area 54,60m. longitudx8m.ancho
Less pool. "The Asperón", includes:
1 Swimming pool, with wheelchair immersion for disabled 25x13m
Gym 1
Gym 2
Municipal Stadium "The Pajaritos", which includes: 930m.
Athletics track, with two pits long jump and training 2 launch areas weight and hammer CTD 400 m - 8 streets, pavement "Cut"
Fitness room CTD
Youth sports, includes:
Outdoor pool 25x12,50m. NO
Multisports area 22x43 IF
Heated pool 2xx12,50m. IF
Gym IF
Flag A.Machado Residence, which includes:
Sports modalities
Sports Modalities that are developed in the centre Sport Installation Locality
Athletics “The Municipal stadium ” Pajaritos Soria
Handball “Module filled Sports Pavilion ” Pajaritos“ Birds ” Soria
Judo “RJ Sports Pavilion A. Machado ” Soria
Swimming “Ángel Municipal Swimming Pool Weaver Sanz ” Soria
Triathlon Sports Complex “the Pajaritos ” Soria
Volleyball “Sports Pavilion Pajaritos ” Soria