Winter Paralympic games Vancouver 2010

Between 12 and 21 March 2010, have been developed in the Canadian city of Vancouver, X edition of the Winter Paralympic Games. Games Vancouver Paralympics 2010 have come over 650 athletes from all over the world (more than 40 countries) with disabilities, to fight for the medals in one of the five winter sports (with all its variants) that have been developed in 6 headquarters. These sports athletes competing blind and visually impaired, physically disabled and brain paralyzed.

Some data on the Paralympic Games Vancouver 2010:

  • Opening ceremony: 12 March 2010 at the BC Place, Vancouver.
  • Closing ceremony: 21 March 2010, in Whistler.
  • Award ceremonies medals: in Whistler, between 13 and 20 March 2010.

Paralympic sports and their locations:

  • Ice Hockey, Thunderbird UBC sand, from 13 to 20 March.
  • Curling in a wheelchair, Vancouver Paralympic Centre, from 13 to 20 March.
  • Alpine Skiing in Whistler, from 13 to 21 March.
  • Nordic Skiing in Whistler Paralympic Park, from 14 to 21 March.
  • Biathlon, in the Whistler Paralympic Park, 13 and 17 March.

Reports of the books newspapers Paralympic Games Vancouver 2010

Spanish athletes

Spain travelled to five athletes, all of them to compete in downhill skiing. These are disabled the physical Ursula Pueyo (lacks a leg) and the visually impaired Gabriel Gorce, Anna Cohí, Andrés Boira and Jon Santacana, the great hope, which already won a gold and two bronze medals in the Paralympics Salt Lake City 2002.

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Opens the Santacana Jon Spanish medals at the Paralympics Games Vancouver

Skiers guipuzcoanoJon Santacanay your guide, mike Galindo, achieved silver sailed for video games Vancouver Paralympics 2010. After the suspension of the races of the first day, the competition began in Whistler Creekside with the slalom test for the blind and visually impaired, which included four Spaniards, and for physically disabled competing granted.

The first beam, Santacana stood in first position, with a time of 49 ” 88, half a second less than Slovak Jakub Krako (50 ” 41) and almost a second less than the Italian Gianmaria Dal Maistro (50 ” 74), second and third classified, respectively. The Canadian Williamson Christopher base among the favourites, undertook a first lowered very slow and lost three seconds (52 ” 93), to be at the 8th position.

The second race was a little slower for English, which stopped the chrono in 57 ” 03, and was overtaken by Slovak Jalub Krako (55 ” 41). this way, Krako was made with gold, with a total time of 1 ’ 45 ” 82, whereas Santacana Paralympic runner-up was proclaimed (1 ’ 46 ” 91) and Gianmaria Dal Maistro won the bronze (1 ’ 48 ” 32).

This is the first Paralympic villages in slalom medal for the visually impaired corridor, which in Salt Lake City 2002 not found this test and Turín 2006 was unable to move from the 7th place as a result of an injury. In the world cup 2010, in contrast, obtained the third position in this discipline.

After the race, Santacana stated that is “very satisfied ” with its silver medal, although he admitted that after go leader in the first sleeve“ you stay a little with honey on the lips ”.

"I am very satisfied. If I come to say months ago that was to draw the silver had given in slalom jumping. What happens is that you have been at the gates of getting a gold", indicated skiers English, who added that from now on, in the four races remaining “will have more confidence ” and“ a certain tranquillity ” to address them “giving the maximum".

Second silver medal for Jon Santacana in games Paralympics Vancouver

Skiers Santacana Gipuzkoa Jon and their guide, mike Galindo, succeeded in this Tuesday her second silver medal in games Vancouver Paralympics 2010. The slopes of Whistler Creekside welcomed the giant slalom test for the blind and visually impaired and for physically disabled competing seated during this third race, for alpine skiing.

Santacana completed the first beam in the second square, with a time of 1 ’ 19 77 ”, 40 hundredths of Slovak Jakub Krako (1 ’ 19 ” 47) and only 10 less than the French Nicolas Berejny (1 ’ 19 ” 87).

In the second race, English shortened distances with the Slovak and recorded the best time between all corridors (1 ’ 22 ” 43), although it was not enough. Finally, was republished the podium of the slalom, with Jakub Krako in the first position (2 ’ 41 � 99), Jon Santacana in the second (2 ’ 42 ” 20) and Gianmaria Dal Maistro in the third (2 ’ 44 ” 25).

This was the second medal Paralympic villages which manages Santracana Jon in giant, racing games in the Salt Lake City 2002. It is also his second medal at Vancouver 2010, since the first day won the silver in slalom. Competed contained in a total of five medals, one gold, two silvers and two bronzes.

After the race, Santacana stated that the balance is “very positive ”, although he admitted that“ has been gruelling. ” “We have returned to win, only for a few hundredths ”,“ but are a few hundredths worth gold and gives a bit of rabies. ” “this second manga yes I have gone to try to squeeze more and to recover the time, but we have not recovered enough, ” explained.

Moreover, revealed the bad weather, intense rain and fog, falling sharply visibility on the track. “Worse cannot be, ” said.“ practically could not and follow the guide, ” explained, “is like driving without wipers ”.

Alpine skiing. Jon proclaims Santacana Paralympic champion in decline

Skiers Santacana Gipuzkoa Jon and their guide, mike Galindo, succeeded in the first gold medal in Spain in games Vancouver Paralympics 2010. The title of champions in decline joins the two silvers succeeded in slalom and giant.

With a time of 1 ’ 18 ” 23, Santacana won the gold medal in a race rugged in which had to take twice the exit. One of the favorites, the Canadian Christopher Williamson, suffered a fall and not yet had left the track when Santacana took the output, so you had to repeat it, this time in the last position.

The American Mark Bathum won the silver (1 ’ 18 ” 63), while the German Gradwool Gerd was brass (1 ’ 20 ” 40). Slovak Jakub Krako, who had achieved two gold in slalom and giant, had to settle for the fourth position (1 ’ 20 ” 84).

This is the second medal Paralympic villages in decline for the visually impaired corridor, which is already hung up the bronze in Salt Lake City 2002. Furthermore, in the world cup of this season proclaimed champion in this discipline, whereas in the global Kanwonland (Korea) 2009 was third.

In statements to the media at the conclusion of the test, Santacana was very satisfied with their victory: “has been impressive, to reach target and Miguel told me that first. ”“ has been hard because we had to return to upload they helped a third of the journey, ” said, “but we managed to temper nerves, have reached out to the limit and lowering the limit also. ”“ Could have gone flying in any of the curves, ” he joked.

“three years ago could never have said that we could win a gold in decline, there were more technical tests, but we have improved speed tests, ” said." We have given a very important step, win a decline in some Games is a dream come true. ”

Alpine skiing. Anna Cohí, 4th in supercombinada and Jon Santacana was unable to complete the test

The visually impaired Rafa Anna Cohí and your guide, Raquel García, completed in the fourth position in the premiere of the supercombinada Paralympic games in. Jon Santacana did not reach the goal because got hooked with a door a few meters from the end, while Gabriel Gorce was eighth and Andrés Boira ninth.

The visually impaired Rafa Anna Cohí and your guide, Raquel García, completed in the fourth position in the premiere of the supercombinada Paralympic games in. Jon Santacana did not reach the goal because got hooked with a door a few meters from the end, while Gabriel Gorce was eighth and Andrés Boira ninth.

In the first drop, which was a and, Anna Cohí stood 5th, with a time of 1 ’ 50 ” 51. In the sleeve of slalom won the third-best record (1 ’ 01 ” 34), but finally I cannot get onto the podium and was fourth (2 ’ 51 ” 85). the title of champion took Slovak Farkasova Henrieta (2 ’ 34 ” 61), which won its third gold, while the silver medal was for Canadian Viviane Forest (2 ’ 35 ” 94) and the US Bronze Danelle Umstead (2 ’ 48 ” 75).

At the end of the test, Anna Cohí was satisfied with its performance. "The slalom has gone well really, I noticed but has not been sufficient", explained. "This fourth place it represents a push, obviously, but always lamentas not having achieved something more", admitted.

Barcelona sportswoman did a very positive evaluation of their participation in their second Paralympic Games, while acknowledging have been “a little disappointed in technical areas, which was to which would by them ”.

Jon Santacana, for its part, stood third after the first beam (1 ’ 24 ” 87), behind the Slovaks Jakub Krako and Miroslav Haraus. In the slalom, however, did not reach the target because got hooked with a door a few metres from the arrival.

Krako finally took his third gold (2 ’ 14 ” 61), Italian Gianmaria Dal Maistro was silver (2 ’ 16 ” 18) and Haraus, bronze (2 ’ 16 ” 31). In the fourth position Nicolas draw 3 French Canadian and Berejny Williamson Christopher base among the favourites and eventually has not received any medal.

Santacana recognized its discomfort after the error: "Is a mixture of impotence and rage. I missed a moment and I found the door between the legs, you know that you escapes" "brings you A enganchón impotence, a fall is a technical glitch, but the engachones are quite common, ” said.“ in the second race, this happens a lot and must accept it, that the competition is so tough, ” said. “Anyway, we will be turning this feeling of impotence of not being able to complete games with another medal".

“I did not know that carries the best intermediate time, ” said after losing their last chance to return to the podium.“ As have been the differences between the first and second post had been at odds, but rivals are tough and very worthy ".

Despite this latest setback, Jon was “satisfied ” and“ proud ” by the three medals achieved (a decline in gold and two silvers in slalom and giant). "The decline was the career of my life and I hope remember. ”

Gabriel Gorce Félix Aznar and ended in a creditable eighth position (2 ’ 24 ” 04), after dialing 1 ’ 28 ” and 86 in the 18 and 55 ” in the slalom. Just behind them were the other Spaniards who competed today, Andrés Boira and your guide, Aleix Suñé, who made a final time of 2 ’ 34 ” 31 (1 ’ 40 ” 70 and 53 ” 61).