The CSD recalls the importance of good acclimatization and hydration for safe sport during episodes of extreme heat

The CSD has developed a series of practical advice to avoid the risk to high temperatures and promote the safe of exercise and sport

  • Before the weather forecast for maximum temperatures that they will achieve the 40 degrees during the coming days, it is important to bear in mind a number of recommendations for preventing health risks of and participants

  • The so-called “ hit of hot ” during a workout or a race produces physical performance, increases the risk of injury and may jeopardize the lives of sportsmen

In large part of the geography of our country is expected to achieve this coming weekend, which exceeds maximum temperatures of 40 degrees centigrade. An episode of extreme heat and it will continue during the coming days and that makes it necessary to recall the importance of a series of medical recommendations to protect the health of male and female athletes.

That is why the council for sports, through the centre of sports medicine of the department of sport and health has developed a series of practical advice forto avoid risks to high temperatures and promote the safe of exercise and sport.

Firstly, it should be borne in mind the importance of good acclimatization and proper hydration with adequate drink during workouts and competition.

Progressive dehydration during the exercise is frequent, since many athletes don ’ t get plenty of liquids to replenish the loss of electrolytes produced through sweat. This will not only produce a decrease of performance, but also increases the risk of injury and may put the health and lives of the athlete ”.

For the director of the centre of sports medicine,dr. Fernando Gutiérrez, physician in physical activity and sport, “ people who are involved in sport for a long time in a warm environment must drink liquids that, in addition to contributing to hydrate, mineral salts – mainly sodium – and carbohydrates for absorption rapid ”.

It is also important to know the correct protocols acclimation to sustain adequate thermal punishment through, for example, a good sports equipment or with refreshing cold showers or baths at sea. Food plays a key role, and it is recommended to the intake of fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients and assisting the hydration.

“ the summer is an ideal time to practise sports, to remain active and to enjoy sport. But it is essential to respect some basic recommendations for protecting the health of persons, especially the elderly and those with cardiovascular conditions, ” she adds dr. Fernando Gutiérrez.

The decalogue about physical activity and sport in warm environments

  1. The best time to do physical activity in warm environment is a first in the morning, when the temperature is lower, or in the evening.
  1. Avoids central hours a day, with greater incidence solar, and after eating.
  1. If you only have the time, decántese heat by a pool or a site capability.
  1. The individual impact depends on factors such as the type of activity (long-term sports, outdoor sports, etc.), age (more sensitive children and elderly people), the state of health and fitness.
  1. Only persons used well and a good physical condition can perform physical activity/sport in conditions of considerable heat.
  1. Despite the caution, that is bad become sedentary in summer, so that non-trained, the recommended intense routines and short-term progressively to adjust to high temperatures.
  1. It can become a risk in patients with cardiovascular diseases, in taking certain drugs (vasodilatadores, diuretics …), in over 65 years, people overweight or obese, people with chronic diseases, persons with acute in these cases, it is better to refrain to be properly controlled by a medical specialist.
  1. The cooling prior to the exercise in warm climates, through, for example, the taking of drinks, enhances the ability of the body to heat, it is recommended that, during the training, ingestion of cold drinks, help the agency to maintain adequate thermal levels.
  1. If a practitioner is unusually tired during training, stop the meeting.
  1. The equipment is also very important, must be clear and breathable clothing to allow the passage of the sweat and thus reduce body temperature.