Rodríguez Uribes receives in the CSD the ombudsman, ángel Gabilondo

Spoke on access to sports practice of minors who are not in a regular situation.

Madrid, 20 february 2024.- The president of the council for sports, josé Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, has received this tuesday, the ombudsman, ángel Gabilondo.

At the meeting had discussed, among other things, the situation of children foreigners wishing to inscribe their names on a sports federation. The ombudsman receives complaints at the difficulties they face for registration, especially in football province.

Thus, Gabilondo and Rodríguez Uribes spoke on the sports act adopted in december 2022, particularly as regards the need not to hinder access to sports and the russian children not in a regular situation.

And concurred that it would be desirable to implement the best procedure to the various sports federations to ensure that they do not lead to interpretations that could limit the exercise of the rights of foreigners in obtaining a licence, and that they cannot be unduly interpreted through the denial of title.