Padel PDL


The game is a rectangle of dimensions 20m x 10m internal action (Tolerance ± 0.5%) closed in full regalia with areas in which offer a regular Bounce the ball and areas of metal mesh where the rebound is irregular. Its funds is closed by walls or walls with a height of 3 meters. The sidewalls are sequenced and formed by rectangular cloths m of height and 2m long the first cloth and 2m height and 2m long the second cloth. The rest of the sides closes with metal mesh which in turn rises above walls until 4m height around the perimeter, also admitted that the metal mesh in the sidewalls has a height of 4m in the first two meters from the bottom of the track and the remaining 16m at an altitude of 3m


The dimensions and brands of the track as well as the sidewalls and substance are shown in Figure

All brands will have 5 cm wide and will easily visible light color of the pavement.


The free space between the pavement and the nearest obstacle (luminaire, ceiling in covered facilities) will be 6m as a minimum on the entire surface of the track without any element that invades the space.


The longitudinal axis of the field in outdoor facilities will be N-S admit a variation between N-NE and N-NO.


Artificial lighting is uniform and so that does not hinder the vision of the players, arbitral equipment or spectators. Mark the standard UNE-EN 12193 "Illumination of sports facilities" and will have the following minimum levels of illumination:

Horizontal illuminance
And med (lux)
And min / E med
International and national competitions 500 0.7
Regional competitions, training high level 300 0.7
Local competitions, training, use in schools and recreational 200 0.5

In outdoor tracks will be disposed exterior lights on track, to a minimum height from the ground of 6m.

Horizontal illuminance
And med (lux)
And min / E med
International and national competitions 750 0.7
Regional competitions, training high level 500 0.7
Local competitions, training, use in schools and recreational 300 0.5

No luminaire should be placed in the area of the roof is located on the surface of the track to avoid deslumbramientos. For TV broadcasts and color recording movies requires a vertical illuminance levels of at least 1000 lux, however this value can increase with distance from the camera to the object. For more information should consult the mentioned law.


The sidewalls and substance will have a uniform surface finish, smooth and hard, without ruggedness or asperities so that it is not abrasive and allow the contact rubbing and slide of balls, hands and bodies. Be built with sufficient thickness and preferably without together, so that offer a rebound the ball regulate and uniform.

The metal mesh can be double torsion or electrosoldada (rhomboid rectangular or type) in any case the maximum size of its opening extent their diagonals may not be less than 5 cm or more than 7.08 cm. The metal mesh must be tense so as to bounce the ball on it, must form a flat surface and vertical keeping these features in time.

When using mesh electrosoldada welding points both inside and outside of the track will be protected so that they can not produce cuts or scratches. If the mesh electrosoldada is not entwined and its installation is not square mesh, steel threads parallel to the ground shall be inside the track and the vertical abroad.

When using mesh of simple torsion tensors should be placed on the outside of the track and properly protected. The unions or sewn among the rolls of mesh will not sharp elements.

The metal mesh is always aligned with the inside edge of the walls or walls.

In one of the lateral sides provides a door or open space to enter or leave the track. There may be one or two openings on each side of the center of the track, with or without door. The dimensions of openings are the following

  • With a single access by side: the free slot must have a minimum of 1.05 m x 2.00 m.
  • With two lateral accesses by: every free slot must have a minimum of 0.72 m x 2.00 m and maximum 0.82 m x 2.00 m.

In facilities for public use shall ensure compliance with the accessibility standards for people with reduced mobility. The sidewalls and substance can be built with brick, glass or other materials transparent or opaque having the consistency and uniformity enough to bounce the ball will be regularly and uniform. The glass regalia will be the norm for tempered glass UNE IN 12150-1.


The playing surface must be a flat surface, horizontally and uniform. porous pavements of concrete, polished concrete, synthetic and artificial turf, enabling a pot regulate the ball. the color can be green, blue or dark earthy. The pavement marina will planeidad such that the differences in levels below is less than 3 mm measured with rule of 3 m (1 / 1000) moisturizing Pavements will have an index of infiltration that mark as a minimum I > 50 mm / h on pavements moisturizing not evacuation slopes maximum transversal will be of 1% and synthetic Pavements artificial turf mark the following requirements in accordance with the report UNE 41958 IN "sporting Pavements" Requirements:

Impact absorption
(Force reduction)
VFG ³ 10% VFG ³ 20% Artificial Grass synthetic
Deformation StV £3mm Synthetic
Friction 0.4 £M £0.8 Synthetic
Vertical pot of the ball Synthetic artificial grass
Resistance to impacts Without fissures, cracks or deformations over 0.5 mm for impacts of 8 Nm Synthetic
Resistance to mark Without fissures, cracks or deformations greater de0,5 mm to 24 h. for testing Synthetic
Resistance to abrasion Maximum weight loss 3g per 1,000 revolutions Synthetic
Resistance to traction ³ 400 KPa Synthetic
Elongation of breakage Synthetic
Sand fill 96% ³ Can CaO £3% rounded Edges Granulometry: 80% CONVERT 16mm ¹ – 1.25mm length visible plate fiber – 3mm Synthetic


The equipment formed by the poles and the network mark the official rules of the Spanish Federation of Paddle.


The network divided into its half to the track, have a length of 10 m and a height of 0.88 m at its centre and the extremes will have a maximum height of 0.92 m.

The network will be suspended from a cable fasteners, which will be galvanized steel or other material resistant to corrosion of maximum diameter 0.01 m and its extremes will be attached to two lateral poles or the very structure which fasten and strain.

The device of tension of the cable must be designed so that they do not release unexpectedly and does not constitute a risk for players.

The network is topped off with a higher band white width between 5.0 and 6.3 cm once folded, for its interior is subject cable network.

The network should be fully extended so that occupies completely all the space between the poles and the surface of the track, there must be no space between the extremes of the network and the poles, however should not be tense.

Threads will be constituents of synthetic fibers and the width of mesh will be low enough to prevent the ball through to move to its.


The poles will have a maximum height of 1.05 m, will be embedded in the track through magazines. Its outer faces will match the limits sides of the track (apertures, door or metal mesh) contains

Can be square or circular section but will have their rounded edges. The poles will support the subject cable network and will have a guide for the cable as well as a tension device, which will be designed so that you cannot drop unexpectedly.

The poles steel can be protected against corrosion, metal slight non-corrosive or protected from corrosion or synthetic materials.


It will be an area of rubber outer surface with a uniform white or yellow. Will Have the following characteristics: - Diameter between 6.35 cm cm - 6.67 and Weight between 56.7 g and 59.4 g - The pot will be from 135 cm and 145 cm to let it fall from 2.54 m on a hard surface - Will Have an internal pressure between 4.6 Kg and 5.2 Kg per 2.54 cm2

When playing more de500 m altitude above sea level, can be utilizartipo depelotas be identical to the above-mentioned type except where the pot must be entre121,92 cm and 135 cm.


The shovel mark the official rules of the Spanish Federation of Paddle. The maximum size of the same shall be 45.5 cm long, 26 cm wide and 38 mm thick. The shovel will be punctured by a limited number of holes from 9 to 13 mm diameter each throughout the central area. In a peripheral area up to 4 cm measured from the outer edge of the shovel, the holes may have a greater diameter, long or form if and when do not affect the essence of the game.

The surface of beats may be flat, smooth or rough, not exceeding 30 cm long and 26 cm wide. The framework including mangos will be free of objects attached and other devices that are not only to limit or prevent deterioration, vibration or distribute the weight. Must have a strap cord or subject to the wrist as protection of accidents.