MBK Minibasket-2011


The boys minibasket is a game based on the basketball, for children up to 12 years of age. This Statutory Rule applies to all those playing fields are made minibasket totally or partially funded by the High Council of sports to practice and minibasket where they celebrate competitions of the Spanish Basketball Federation. Is the responsibility of the Federation the approval of each installation for organising competitions minibasket officers. This document has been produced with the purpose of normalizing regulatory aspects of any facility Useful for the practice of this sport, which has taken into account the Existing international Rules and has been subjected to consultation of the Spanish Federation of Basketball.


The size of the field will be like basketball, 28 m x 15 m. it will allow other dimensions of the field that provide always reduced dimensions variations in the same proportions since 26 m x 14 m to 12 m x 7 m.

In competitions of the Spanish Federation of Basketball dimensions of the game field can be: 28 m x 15 m; 26 m x 14 m; 24 m x 13 m; 22 m x 12 m and 20 m x 11 m.


Around the game field will be an obstacle-free space of 2 m wide. In fields for use in schools and recreational admits that is free space obstacles is at least 0.5 m and recommended 1 m. In this band foreign security there will not be any obstacle, even team members sitting in its dock. May be contrasted with the color of the game field and should be the same as the central circle and restricted areas. The playing field should be separated from the public areas if they exist, and so that does not involve risk of injury for players.


The layout of the field will be in line with the figure

with the following characteristics:

to) The free throws line is 4 m from the board.

(b) there is No line or area of 3 points. However in the championship of Spain of selections Minibasket Autonomous organized by the Spanish Federation basketball there will be a line of three points as shown in figure

All lines of brands will have 5 cm width and will be all the same color preferably white.


The height between the surface of sports pavement and the nearest obstacle in interior installations (underside of roof, hang beam, luminaire, through air conditioning, etc.) and outdoor facilities will be 7 m at least on the field and the outer bands that height being totally free of obstacles. In fields for use in schools and recreational admits that are barrier-free space is at least of 4.00 m in height of the hoop to 2.60 m and 6,49 metres in height of the hoop to 3.05 m.


The longitudinal axis of the field in outdoor facilities will be N-S, according a variation between N-NE and N-NO.


Artificial lighting is uniform and so that does not hinder the vision of the players, arbitral equipment or spectators.

Mark the standard UNE-EN 12193 “ Illumination of sports facilities ” and will have the following minimum levels of illumination:




Horizontal illuminance




And med



And min / Emed

National competitions




Training, school sport and recreation




Internal slopes in the luminaires should not be placed in the part of the roof for a circle of 4 m around the basket, to avoid deslumbramientos.

In outward tracks with the following minimum levels of lighting and maximum glare (GR), according to the aforementioned rule:




Horizontal illuminance



(Ra) ³


And med

(lux) ³


And min / Emed

National competitions





Training, school sport and recreation





For TV broadcasts of color and recording movies requires a vertical illuminance levels depending on the speed of action and the size of the object, in the above standard UNE-EN 12193, sports have been classified, in this sense, in three groups A, B and C; the minibasket belongs to the group B. The value of the vertical illuminance varies with distance from the camera to the object, for this line see the chart below:

Vertical lighting level to maintain depending on the maximum distance of stone chambers (UNE-EN-12.193)

Sockets for TV or movies, surrounding spaces to the basketball court must be lit, so that the level of vertical lighting is at least 0.25 the level of lighting vertical track game. For more information should consult the mentioned law.


The tiles are suitable wooden or synthetic. rigid Pavements are not recommended.

The pavement marina will include the surface of the playing field and external gangs of security indicated in paragraph 2.

The pavement sporty mark the following requirements, according to the standard UNE-EN 14904:2007 “ surfaces for sports areas. Specifications for soil interior multideportivos ”:



Force reduction

(Impact Absorption)

25% VFG ³

VFG < 75%

Vertical deformation

< 5mm


80 - 110

Vertical pot of the ball

³ 90% Compared to the height of pot in soil rigid

Resistance to impacts

Without fissures, cracks or deformations over 0.5 mm for 8Nm impacts

Resistance to mark

Without fissures, cracks or deformations over 0.5 mm to 24 h. for testing

Mobile burdens

Without fissures, cracks or deformations over 0.5 mm for loading minima 1500 N

Resistance to abrasion

Synthetic surfaces: maximum weight loss 1,000 mg

(1000 cycles, wheels H-18, loading 1.0 kg)

Coatings and lacquers: maximum weight loss 80 mg

(1000 cycles, wheels CS-10, loading 0.5 kg)

Specular reflectance

For an angle 85º will the value obtained

Brightness speculate

For an incidence angle 85º: ≤ 30% mates Surfaces;

≤ 45% lacquered Surfaces

Formaldehyde emissions

Products made with formaldehyde rehearsed and will belong to class: THE OR E2

Content of pentachlorophenol (PCP)

Sports surfaces must not contain it as a component of the product or its raw materials

Fire resistance

Rehearsed and classified according to UNE-EN 13501-1 declaring class and resulting Underclass of behavior in front of the fire; CFL-S2

Planeidad / Regularity Superficial (“ in situ ”)

£6 Mm with rule of 3 m;

£2 Mm with rule of 0.3 m

Sports pavements external tracks will be the following requirements:

Awaiting evacuation

Maximum Transversal and 1%

Planeidad / Regularity Superficial (“ in situ ”)

£6 Mm with rule of 3 m;

£2 Mm with rule of 0.3 m

Vertical pot of the ball

³ 80% Compared to the height of pot in soil rigid

Force reduction (synthetic)

25% VFG ³

Vertical deformation (synthetic)


Slide (synthetic)

55 - 110

Resistance to traction (synthetic)

0.40 MPa ³

Elongation of breakage (synthetic)

The manufacturer and installer sports pavement, facilitate

documentation of sports pavement containing at least as follows:

  • Results of testing in laboratory of a sample of the pavement
  • The description of the installation procedure.
  • Information on the maintenance of sports pavement.
  • Test results “ in situ ” and its compliance with the requirements.


Minibasket equipment consists of two baskets, each of which consists of the board, the hoop, network and support from the board. Mark the official rules of the Spanish Federation of Basketball and the standard UNE-EN 1270:2006 “ Basketball teams. ”


Have dimensions of 1,20 m x 0.90 m and levels of a single piece and transparent material which will be tempered glass of security in competitions of the FEB. In other competitions may be transparent material (e.g.: polycarbonate) or non-transparent material painted white. lines will be white with a width of 5 cm. The non-transparent material lines have black and the same 5 cm width Panels are placed to 1.20 m from the bottom line of the field. See figure


Lower edges and side of the board must be protected with typologies for national and regional competitions, as shown in figure

for school recreational sport and is not prescriptive. The protection of typologies must meet the following:

· Will Be designed and placed in a way that prevents the extremities may be trapped.

· Will have a maximum footprint factor of 50%. This means that when a force applies to typologies, the fingerprint must not exceed 50% of the original thickness.

· The value of the buffer typologies with drop height of 200 mm, must be less than 50 g (g acceleration of the gravity: 9.8 m / s ²), when you test according to the standard UNE-EN 913, annex V.

  • In competitions must be blue.


The panels are mounted firmly subject to the supports at the position shown in Figure

According to your design of the board mounts can be: Mobile structures to soil, fixed structures to the ground, structures suspended from the ceiling, foldable OR elevables, structures subject to wall, fixed or etc.

The supports with structure to soil (fixed or mobile) and the supports with structure to wall (fixed or folding) are classified according to the free space “ L ” between the projection of the board and support or the wall of support in the following classes (UNE-EN 1270:2006 “ basketball teams ”):


Free space “ L ” (mm)



Class B


Class C


Type D


Class And

Other < 1200

Free space must be devoid of obstacles and to avoid blows must be at least 1.650 meters (0.40 m until the batt or wall; class (C) for recreational use and schools. For competition and training free space will be at least of 2.250 m (1 m until the batt or wall; class (B). See figure

For competitions of the FEB can be used with soil structures To Class or hung structures to ceiling, provided that the height of suspension is less than 10 m.

The supports with mobile structures or fixed to the floor, will be conveniently anchored or shackled so that do not move or suffer any movement during the game.

The bottom surface and side of any part of the support located behind the board at a distance of 1,20 m from the front of the board and at a height from the ground below 2.75 meters, it will be protected by a typologies.

The supports constituted by structures at fixed or mobile soil will be protected databases to a height of 2.15 m by a typologies 5 cm thick In national and regional competitions thickness shall be 10 cm.

The typologies and support of the board will meet the standard UNE-EN 913 remain the buffer value with a drop of 200 mm below 50 g (acceleration of the seriousness 9.8 m / s ²) and have a maximum footprint factor of 50%. This means that when a force applies to typologies, the fingerprint must not exceed 50% of the original thickness.

Folding media to the ceiling will have a system of automatic protection against freefall or involuntarily by bug in the elevation system or lack of electricity and a safety device that protects the team falls. The subjection of this device must be independent of the device elevation. Periodically shall peacekeeping operations verification consisting of these teams by qualified personnel or by the installer.

Backings structures to mobile soil, if they have wheels, each of these or the element that the moved to store of sports equipment, not transmit to soil over 1500 N and have a width of more than 30 mm.

The supports have sufficient stability and rigidity versus horizontal and vertical forces for which the hygeine requirements to the effect of the standard UNE-EN 1270:2006 “ basketball teams ”


Includes the rings and networks. The contour will be tempered steel quality soldable's 235 JR painted orange, with inner diameter 45 cm, will be uploaded to the following stage on the ground:

  • Height of 2.60 m for boys and girls aged below 11 years.
  • 3.05 M height for children aged 11 and 12 years of age. (Minibasket Rules FIBA)

For boys and girls of young age you can place baskets at lower altitudes.

The hoop will be set to support so that they do not transmit any force to the board.

The contour can be fixed or swinging. Have resistance to vertical loads that sets the standard UNE-EN 1270 quoted above.

In the championship of Spain of selections Minibasket autonomous organized by the Spanish Federation collars basketball tilt will, shall be installed in such a way that will not transmit any strength of the board ring, its height on the ground will be 2.60 m and must be approved by the Spanish Federation of Basketball.

The mechanism of bending of the tilt rings hollow will not have to create risk of trapping in position flexionada flexionada or not, so the only mechanism for bending flexionará loads equal to or exceeding 1050 N applied in the ring at the furthest point of the board and not to fall over 30 ° since the horizontal flexionada position. when ceases loading, hoop must return automatically and instantly to its original position without occur any rift nor deformation of the same.

May be networks of synthetic fibers (e.g.: polypropylene) or natural (e.g.: cotton), white and offer some resistance to step of the ball to delay the fall and allow to see whether has moved the ball through the network, its length must be at least 40 cm and a maximum of 45 cm. See figureMBK-2.


Spherical with outer surface of leather, rubber or synthetic materials. For children aged 9 – 12 years will have a circle between 660 mm and 730 mm (size 5) and the weight range between 450 g and 500 g. For boys and girls aged between a circle will 550 mm and 580 mm (size 3) and the weight range between 310 g and 330 g. Championship in Spain of selections Minibasket Autonomous organized by the Spanish Basketball Federation may only use the official ball game that specify such Sports federation.


The following will be available technical equipment:

to) game Reloj-cronómetro, used for the periods of the game and the interval between them.

(b) official record of game.

(c) Tablets numbered from 1 to 5 to indicate the No of misconduct by a player.

d) warning sound Device.

e) alternating possession arrow, a red arrow on a white background, to indicate the direction of the next possession.

Championship in Spain of selections Minibasket autonomous organized by the Spanish Federation of basketball, shall have the following electronic equipment:

to) A reloj-marcador with a digital timer clearly visible, system of “ countdown ” with a very powerful automatic signal to indicate the end of each period or extended.

(b) The reloj-marcador also indicate the points awarded for each team.

(c) mathematical table large enough so that allowed to develop assistants perfectly your work.

d) the organization is obliged to revise all its electronic devices to keep them always in optimal conditions of use.


Outside the band of security, Provisions should be made in every facility for a further line at least 1.80 meters in width, off-limitsse available on one side of the track a space for mathematical table and banks of equipment, with a width at least 1.00 m. The areas of banks of equipment will be disposed off the field, on the same side as the panel of judges and mathematical. See figure



At least two rooms for the credit shall be foreseen and one for submit, which if of a certain sizeSe will have at least two separate locker for sportsmen. The dressing rooms have zone of linen change with banks and hangers, showers area with space for drying and area with toilets flushing and cabins washbasins. The characteristics of these spaces are detailed in the standard NIDE “ Halls and Flags ”.


Available at least one independent costumes for the Árbitrosin addition to that provision should be made, which may be used, when there are no competition, as costumes of coaches, monitors or teachers. Numaio changing rooms shall be fitted with showers and toilets.e costumes will also have zone of linen change with banks and hangers, showers area with space for drying and area with toilets flushing and cabin washbasins. Likewise the characteristics of these spaces are detailed in the standard NIDE “ Halls and Flags ”.


There will be a warehouse of sports equipment, of sufficient size to keep the material minibasket sports, as well as sports equipment for other sports can be closed and locked. Will have easy access or directly to the sports ground and from outside the sport installation without obstacles, it will meet the requirements of the standard NIDE “ Halls and Flags ”.


This are must allow quick medical action as well as normal medical consultations.Se rip available so that the access to it from the track is easy and will have a quick departure abroad for evacuation of rugged, injured or sick.

It should be fitted with an exam-estará equipped with unaination table, stretcher, a wardrobe, cleaning, coat peg and the relevant medical equipment panel for exploration, a stretcher, a desk, a wardrobe, a dark and the team of medical equipment and drugs habitualfor the first aid. for first aid. The first aid room shall be available for both the credit and for the members of the public.La first-aid room must be available for both athletes and to the public if there is no other for the public. The characteristics of these spaces are detailed in the standard NIDE “ Halls and Flags ”.



Administrative offices

Are the spaces for individuals responsible for administrative management of the installation deportivaThe offices shall allow the facilityÕs technical administrative operations to be carried out. They shall. Its size will agree with the size of the sport installation that it serves, however it is recommended that each area has a space of no less than 20 square meters.espacio of not less than 20 square meters. It will meet the requirements of the standard NIDE “ Halls and Flags ” For high level competitions, offices shall be dedicated to the.

Championship in Spain of selections Minibasket autonomous organized by the Spanish Federation is basketball dock Championship own office for the use of the FEB, which will be installed tables, chairs and computer and printer. The office should have a minimum of a phone and fax that will be available to the staff of the FEB, and used the 24 h for the duration of the Championship. The office of organization count with a minimum telephone line to send the information and have a MODEM connection to The Internet.


The Sand shall be equipped with a hospitality room, which shall be hjälpte of An Impressive Double-Sided

In large sporting facilities will be a reception area and stay of authorities and personalities, who will be located near the gallery of The following Honor.autoridades. reserved areas shall be provided to receive VIP guests in an efficient and

For high-level competition, FIBA requires that must Theroom must contain the following: dispose, as a minimum, the following areas reserved for guests VIP in an efficient way yfunctional manner: functional:

· Ñ At least 1 hospitality room that is suitable for at least 100 persons1 adequate entertainment room for 100 people at least.

· Ñ At least 1 small reserved room for approximately 15 persons1 small room reserved for 15 people.

Likewise will be disposed of Parking spaces for a minimum of 50 cars shall be in an easily accessible area well con-plazas parking for a minimum of 50 vehicles in an area easily accessible ynected to the inside of the hall and possibly close to the hospitality chose connected to the interior of the installation and near the hospitality room.


In sports facilities where you develop important sports events will include spaces for the representatives of the media and installations require.requieren.In order to provide appropriate working conditions for the media, the sand shall have the fol- championship in Spain of selections Minibasket autonomous organized by the Spanish Federation basketball reserves a zone aimed solely at accredited media and specifies for the work that should play depending on print, radio or television.


The public section allows visualizar agli sporting activities as they take place, as well as all the spaces for viewers will see sports competitions that take place and have the necessary auxiliary spaces such as: lobby / s access with area and posters of information, access control, lockers, toilets etc. The spaces for spectators were designed and constructed so that are accessible to people with disabilities in a non-discriminatory, independent and safe places will be reserved for Disabled Guests and comply with national regulations, regional and local to the effect. These spaces would meet the requirements of the standard NIDE “ Halls and Flags ”.


- Official rules FIBA Minibasketball 2005.

- Official Rules of Basketball 2010. Equipment of Basketball.

Competition - databases, season 2010-2011. Championship of Spain of selections Minibasket Autonomous. Spanish Federation of Basketball.

- Rules UNE-EN “ surfaces and sports installations, ”

- Rules “ UNE-EN Lighting of sports facilities ”

- Rules UNE-EN “ Facilities for spectators in sports facilities ”

- Rules UNE “ accessibility ”