Exceptional events Public Interest (AEIP)

Company and sport: "Together, stronger"

For the High Council of sports is fundamental collaboration público-privada for momentum and positioning of sport English and therefore the involvement of businesses is crucial.

Since the government of Spain has been granted the recognition of events of exceptional Public Interest to four sports programmes: Universe Woman, Helps sport Base-ADB 2020, New goals and Sport Inclusive.

All of them are tools that make grow sport while transform society, making it fairer, more egalitarian and more inclusive. In short, the events of exceptional Public Interest bring many benefits to sport and society, but also to businesses, since they help strengthen its Corporate Social responsibility, to identify with the great values of sport and with the spanish athletes.

Therefore, from the High Council of sports we want to encourage all companies to participate in these programmes exceptional, because they are a clear example of collaboration público-privada is essential to multiply results in the future.

Universe Woman

Aims to promote and increased female participation in all sports areas, thus contributing to the improvement and social transformation through the values of sport.

ADB 2020

Addressed to increase the number of people involved in sport from an early age, youth and university stage, to detect new talents, as well as comprehensive training of the new athletes, both in the field of sport as in the academic.

New Goals

Provides essential support for the future of personal and professional athletes when they complete top-level racing.

Inclusive sport

Promotes the sport of people with disabilities has been created the project ‘ Sport Inclusive ’

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